Bravo shares his post-retirement plans

Dwayne Bravo Is preparing for the next journey. When he retires from the international cricket competition, Bravo will continue to play team cricket. He also talked about his interest in coaching.

Bravo, the Windies legend announced earlier, wore a maroon jersey in the last match of the T20 World Cup against Australia. Bravo’s journey did not end well because he failed to make an impact in his farewell match, and the West Indies were also eliminated from the coveted championship by Australia. Bravo, who has been the mainstay of the team for many years, especially a legend in T20 cricket, shared his next plan.

He was also asked about his teammates Chris Gal He gave all possible hints when he retired. Gail has not officially announced any news, but seems to have participated in his last international competition. When Bravo was asked about Gail’s decision, Bravo said: “He has finished halfway (announced his retirement). I guess he still has some crickets. I’m not sure what decision he made about retirement. (laughs) )”

Bravo also said that “as long as the body supports me”, he will not stop playing cricket.

Bravo thanks Almighty, because fans thank him for his memories

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