Both Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson led their team brilliantly: Brendon McCullum


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Published on: June 4, 2021

Former New Zealand captain Brendon McCallum praised Willat Colley and Kane Williamson as excellent captains in the World Test Championship (WTC). India and New Zealand will compete against each other in the World Trade Center finals to be held in Southampton from June 18th to 22nd. Both Coley and Williamson performed well in the championship and their leadership was also praised. According to McCallum, India and New Zealand should both enter the WTC finals because they have always been the best two teams.

McCallum said in an interview with “Sports Today”: “Villat and Kane have led their team brilliantly. Their own form is already great. It is a huge thing to qualify for the World Trade Center finals. Achievement. In order to reach the World Trade Finals, they need a long period of results. You have to force the situation in the cricket test to succeed in the longest match format. Both captains pushed their teams to achieve excellent results, I I believe they deserve the opportunity to participate in the finals.”

The former captain further added that although Coley and Williamson have very different captain styles, they are both inspiring leaders. He further explained: “They are inspiring leaders, but they are indifferent to the leadership of the team. One (Kohli) is very aggressive, and the other (Williamson) is a dominant leader, but unlike him His opponents are as expressive. They are the true ambassadors of the sport and talented players that cannot be missed today.”

“In addition to being great leaders, in his time, they were also two giants in international competitions. One of the amazing qualities they all possess is to make the most of the people around them. It helps them achieve something special for their country. Things,” McCallum added.

The former captain was also asked to name his favorite World Trade Center final. McCallum responded: “One of them will raise the trophy, or they may share the trophy because of the rule change.”

According to the revised ICC rules, if the game ends in a tie or a tie, India and New Zealand will be named the joint winners of the World Trade Center.

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