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The development of the fantasy cricket apps has acted as a boon for cricket lovers all over. Finally cricket lovers have found a platform and a means to use their knowledge in a fun and rewarding manner by building fantasy cricket teams online. To tap this growing interest many companies have launched their own versions of fantasy cricket apps. Here we tell you why My11Circle is the best fantasy cricket app.

One of the defining features of My11Circle is its accessibility. It is easily available after a simple search on Google and is also available for users on Google Play and the IOS server. After installing the app, or accessing it via the web, the user needs to follow a simple registration process which is entirely free of cost. After the registration, the user can enter the app and start participating.

The first thing one notices in the app is whether there are any games currently being played. These games fall within the Live matches tab. There are two other tabs adjacent to the Live tab. These are the Upcoming Matches tab and the Completed Matches tab. In the Completed Matches tab, one can click on any completed match and see which players have scored the maximum points if one goes to the Ultimate XI tab. Here the XI which scored the most points in the match up are mentioned.

One can also see a comprehensive list of the points all the players scored in the match up. In the upcoming games tab, one can see confirmed lineups, which will help you make the right choice when you pick your fantasy XI.

Another reason why My11Circle is the best fantasy cricket app is the variety it offers in terms of choice. You can either create a fantasy XI based on marquee tournaments such as the Indian T20 League or the Big Bash in Australia or you can choose from a variety of tournaments from across the world like the Sharjah Cricket League, the Dhaka Premier League, the Spice Isles Premier League etc.

On the right hand corner of the app, you have the add cash option wherein you can choose the amount of credit you would like to add and enter a contest. These amounts range from Rs. 25 to Rs. 5000. The app makes it convenient for you to add cash to your registered account since it offers various digital forms of payment alongside the usual methods of credit and debit cards. After one adds cash, there is a process for registering your account through the KYC method. This ensures further safety of your money.

On the Drop Down Menu to the left of the My11Circle logo there is a comprehensive list of options regarding the various basics that are required before you embark on building your fantasy team. First in the ‘How to Play’ tab, there are basic rules with which one builds a team. A team consists of 11 players who have to cost within the 100 credits that the user has. These 100 credit points are the value of each player determined according to past performances. You must have batters, bowlers, a wicketkeeper (only 1) and bowlers in your team.

Then you can browse the scoring system in the same tab. Here the points for various accomplishments in batting, bowling and fielding are demarcated. The scoring system for My11Circle is uniquely comprehensive with points for various tasks such as fifties, thirties, various brackets of strike rates, as well as economy rates considering the importance of these statistics in the T20 game.

Once you are acquainted to the rules and the scoring system, you can either enter a private league which you create alongside friends or you can join a public league or Mega Contest and then form your fantasy XI.

My11Circle is therefore the one stop site for your fantasy cricket endeavors. Not only because of the competitions and rewards it offers but also because of its user friendly nature that gives you the best chance to succeed.

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