Ben Stokes Clarifies England’s Post-Ashes Drinks Situation with Australia


The 2023 Ashes series came to an exhilarating end, leaving cricket fans on the edge of their seats as England and Australia locked horns in one of the greatest and most evenly-matched contests in recent Test cricket history. The series may have ended in a tie, but the intensity of the battles on and off the pitch ensured that it will be etched in the annals of cricketing history.

England’s ‘Bazball’ outfit showcased their mettle, fighting back from a 2-0 deficit to level the series against a formidable Australian side. While Australia retained the urn, England’s performance throughout the series deserved admiration and accolades.

Rumours spread after the final game

Yet, as with any high-stakes cricket rivalry, the Ashes wasn’t without its share of controversies both on and off the field. The fiery nature of the competition spilled over into the post-series celebrations, where a miscommunication between the teams led to a bit of confusion and tension. 

After the final match at The Oval, it was reported that the customary post-series get-together between the Australian and English teams didn’t happen as expected. Australian journalist Bharat Sundaresan took to Twitter to share his observations, stating that the Aussies waited outside the English dressing room, but the two sides didn’t meet.

Fuel was added to the fire as rumors circulated that the Australian players had approached the English team multiple times for the post-series gathering, but their efforts went unanswered, and England allegedly chose to stay behind locked doors.

Ben Stokes washes away alm rumours 

However, England captain Ben Stokes took to social media to clear the air and ensure that the series ended on a positive note. He clarified that their post-match celebrations took longer than anticipated due to multiple farewell events.

Stokes further revealed that, in the end, the two teams did come together to celebrate a fantastic summer of Test cricket. Rather than meeting in the dressing room, they decided to meet at a nightclub in London, embracing the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship that cricket fosters.

A spokesperson from the England camp backed Stokes’ statement, explaining that there was no ill-will involved, and the delay in meeting was merely due to farewell festivities for Stuart Broad, who played his final Test, and potentially Moeen Ali, alongside other retiring players and staff.

Despite some concerns about negativity, both teams displayed sportsmanship and unity in the end. England coach Brendon McCullum initially hinted that having a beer with the Australian team might not happen anytime soon, but he later retracted the statement, recognizing that cricket customs and camaraderie would prevail over any banter or on-field clashes.

The thrilling conclusion of the series saw Stuart Broad, in his final Test appearance, claiming the last two wickets to seal a memorable draw for England. Both teams will now take a well-deserved break before gearing up for white-ball duties. England will face New Zealand and Ireland at home, while Australia will embark on tours to South Africa and India, preparing for the impending World Cup in October.

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