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I still have nightmares about his number of rounds in the third test: Justin Lange in Ben Stokes’ Headingley Special

Australian coach Justin Langer revealed that he Still have nightmares about Ben Stokes In Headingley’s third Ash Test in 2019, an incredible 135 did not get out.

England won the test match with a score of 359, but seemed to lose 286-9. However, Stokes’ brilliant counterattack allowed the British to win with a wicket. This victory was even more special, as England led by 67 points in their first game. Before his batting hero, Stokes also won three key wickets in Australia’s second game.

The Ashes will mark Stokes’ return to international cricket after resting to focus on his mental health. Stokes withdrew from the home series against India and also missed the T20 World Cup.

The Australian coach praised the England all-around player, saying: “There is no doubt that he is an excellent cricketer. I still have nightmares about his number of games in the third test. I may be against him. Have more nightmares [bowling] Spell it on the third day of that game. He is an incredible athlete and an excellent competitor. “

The 30-year-old was added to England’s Ashes Test team after confirming that he was ready to return to the national team. When the Ashes hold their first test in Brisbane on December 8, Stokes will appear in the game. This game caused a lot of discussion in the gaming industry. Despite the return of Ben Stokes, the bookmaker still regards Ashes as a favorite. Australia won by 1/3. Draw on 7/1. England won 9/2.make sure View William Hill’s comments If you want to participate in the game before the game.

Lange further talked about the return of Stokes, “Ben Stokes playing Ashes Cricket is great for the game, and we all like it. This is an Australian summer. Without the best players on the field, the situation It may be different. I am glad to see and hope he is in good health. We welcome him here because he is one of the superstars of this sport.”

After the sexual intercourse scandal came to light, Australia will have a new Ashes captain Tim Paine resign. Fast bowler Pat Cummins has been appointed as the country’s new test captain.

Despite Paine’s severe criticism, Langer supported the former captain, who has suspended cricket matches indefinitely. The Australian coach who has known him recently called Paine a model figure in Australian cricket for the past four years. He commented: “Obviously, his life has changed. But you have to ask him how he has been. It’s important to meet him. We talked about taking care of our children and supporting each other. It was a matter of course for me to see him.”

Alex Carey Make his test debut In the first game of the upcoming Ashes, replace Paine as the goalkeeper and hitter.

Not sure we have seen his end: Lange on Paine’s potential comeback

After recent developments, most cricket experts believe that Paine’s career in Australia is over. He will turn 37 on the day the Ashes begin, and has not paid much attention to the bat or the nearest captain. Under his leadership, Australia lost consecutive home games to India.

However, Lange has a different view. According to him, Payne can still make a comeback because he is healthy enough and loves the game. The Australian coach commented: “He likes cricket. He absolutely likes cricket. He is 37 years old. He is as healthy as any player in our team. He takes care of himself very well. He is very focused. So who knows Here. His number. 1 The current priority is the family you can imagine, and that is what it should be. I’m not sure if we have seen his end. But we will wait and see. This will be his decision.”

After Paine fell into controversy, Lange also reflected on the ruthless nature of society, especially for those in the spotlight. The former Australian opener lamented that this is the case even if no one has made a mistake.

Lange believes, “We live in a perfectionist world, don’t we? We are a very critical society. As I said at the first press conference, I was asked about Steve Smith, Wei Warner and Cameron Bancroft, is there anyone asking questions…or people who listen to this have made no mistakes in their lives. No one. Our captain, the best One, made a mistake and paid a heavy price because of it. I have been seeing in this job, and I have seen that in the society we live in, it can be cruel. You have learned your lesson, but we live In a ruthless society, this is really a shame.”

On Sunday, Australia named their playing XI the First Ashes Test, confirming Carey’s test debut while retaining the underfire left arm seam Mitchell Stark.


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