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Although cricket has been played in England in some form for more than 1,000 years as a sport, and as an international event, since Australia and England first met in Melbourne in 1877 in 1877, the game often depends on a certain degree of luck. .

That’s because winning the craps may have a disproportionate say in who ultimately wins the game. Most of the side that wins the throw chooses to hit the ball first. This is because no matter how well prepared, the stadium tends to deteriorate during the four or fifth day of the game.

By the last day, the court will become very difficult to hit the ball, and if the opposing team has an excellent spin bowler, they may end up with a game day.

On the other hand, in a one-day cricket match, playing first may be an advantage. For example, in the recent T20 World Cup held in the Middle East, those who had to contend with the heavy dew that fell at dusk were obviously at a disadvantage.

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To solve this dilemma, a leading scholar. Harris Aziz A radical new proposal was made.

Currently, winning the toss is a two-step process. The referee toss a coin, and the winning captain then decides whether to hit the ball first or play first. He suggested adding an extra step in the chain.

Aziz argued that when tossing a coin, the losing captain chooses a running handicap that should be allocated to the winning side to improve the level of the two teams.

The ingenuity of the plan is that the unfortunate captain will not want to overestimate or underestimate the moves needed to balance the two sides, because it will be up to the winning captain to decide whether they will hit the ball first or play first.

Although some people may argue that this makes cricketers and spectators feel complicated, it should be noted that if the weather affects running conditions, they have already sued the Duckworth-Lewis model in a one-day cricket match. The total required is based on how many pl,ay are lost.

This is not the first attempt to compensate for a lost game. Between 2016 and 2019, the England County Championships gave the away team the opportunity to bowl first. On the first day of the game, prevent the home team from preparing a seam court in favor of the pitchers.

Then it was abandoned because it was deemed useless.

Whether cricket is ready to accept Dr. Azaz’s proposal remains to be seen. However, if it can be tried and found to be effective, then it may make the game more fair, which is an attractive proposal for paying viewers and those watching on TV.


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