“At that moment, I felt overwhelmed”-R Ashwin opened up to Ravi Shastri’s comments


Ravichandran Ashwin is the third highest wicket in the Indian cricket test, but he has been in and out of Test XI in overseas tests for some time.As India embarks on another major overseas tour-this time in South Africa, they have yet to win the Test Series-Ashwin spoke in detail about his career, injuries and future Cricket Monthly.

According to interviews, 2018 was a difficult period for him because he was injured, which caused a domino effect, his body felt pain, and it was difficult to get through the day of the game. Ashwin said that he considered quitting the game in 2018, but later stayed.

He said that the media’s remarks about his not working hard had hurt him a lot of time, and he said that the injury left him with “scars.” “In the cricket community [in India], The understanding of injury is sad. Obviously, I was injured for a reason, but we are not interested in finding out the cause. We just keep repeating that this question is a problem, but it doesn’t help me find a solution. Nor will you humiliate someone because of injury,” Ashwin said.

“A lot of teammates are injured, but when I was injured, it seemed to be much more serious than the actual situation. I was not sensitive to injury. It hurt me deeply. I would go to the county cricket match and think “I should get through This day”. I should play 25 rounds without hurting myself. Because if I get injured in a county cricket match, I will eventually frown.”

Ashwin’s comments on Shastri at the beginning of 2019

Around this time, he hinted that he didn’t get the support of the team management as he hoped. The interviewer reminded him of Ravi Shastri’s comment that Kuldeep Yadav became the first overseas new test after five games in Australia in early 2019.

“He played the overseas cricket test and got five wickets, so he became our main overseas spinner. Moving on, if we have to play a spinner, we will choose him,” Shastri told Cricbuzz at the time. Although Kuldeep did not participate in another test match for a long time, Ashwin said these comments “made him frustrated.”

“I hold Ravi bye In high respect. Everyone does this. I know we can all speak out and take them back. But at that moment, I felt heartbroken. Absolutely shattered. We are all talking about how important it is to enjoy the success of teammates. I am happy for Kuldeep. I didn’t get five points, but he has five points in Australia. I know how big it is.Even if i play well [at other times], I haven’t scored five points yet. So I am really happy for him. This is a very pleasant moment to win in Australia.

But if I must come to enjoy his happiness and the success of the team, I must feel that I belong there. If I feel like I’ve been thrown under the bus, how can I get up and go to a party to enjoy the success of the team or teammates? I went back to my room, and then I talked to my wife. My children are there too. So we were able, you know, shrugged, and I still went to the party because, at the end of the day, we won a huge series. “

Ashwin scored six wickets in the first test, including three of the first four wickets in the first test, and performed well in the Indian team’s victory at the Adelaide Oval. He mentioned that there was not enough support at the time, and said that all he heard were six wickets in Lyon. However, Ashwin said he would not oppose Ravi Shastri.

“Just like in Ravi’s case bye How frustrated I am, I know that many people with this experience will always oppose him, but I am not one of them. I’m actually very happy to sit across the table and have a conversation on this matter. To me, it’s not about him at all. Because anyone can make mistakes. So I started to see things beyond people,” Ashwin said in the interview.

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