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I will definitely try to go deep into their skin: Ollie Robinson in the fight against the Australians in the Ashes

England speed bowler Oli Robinson announced that he will not give up playing Australia in the upcoming Ashes Series. Robinson claimed that, according to him, the British had a great opportunity to take home the ashes.

The 28-year-old player made a deep impression in the test series against India at home, winning 21 wickets in four games and even letting one of his opponent’s big-name players, Captain Verat. Corley feels uneasy. After his historical racist tweets came to the fore and he recovered from a brief ban, Robinson showed a lot of penetration into India.

Looking ahead to Australia’s challenges, Fast bowler admits He will try to disrupt opponents with his bowling ball and words. He commented: “I will definitely try to penetrate their skin and try to make them feel uneasy, really, the batsman and the bowler. If I can get them out of their rhythm, then we will win, so this is something You will definitely see things, and I hope we can stand out.”

The Ashes Series will kick off in the first game of Gabba in Brisbane on December 8. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this big game.This game should arouse a lot of discussion in the gambling world, so be sure to Looking for sports betting without deposit bonusesDespite the return of Ben Stokes, the Ashes became the most popular team due to the bookmakers making England a weaker. Australia won by 1/3. Draw on 7/1. At the time of writing, England won 9/2.

Australia participated in the T20 World Cup final in the UAE, they won the game and went into isolation. According to Robinson, as England has more preparation time, this may give them a slight advantage in the first test. The pacemaker explained: “They participated in the World Cup (final) and were quarantined, so they may be a few weeks later than us. Since coming here, we feel that we have some good jobs and hope this will allow us Take advantage in the game. The first test. I think we are definitely the weak, but we can take the ashes home.”

Robinson also added that he will target Australia Deputy Captain Steve Smith During the ashes. The England bowler explained that Smith has played a lot of balls from the depths of his crease, so his contact points are much deeper than other batters.

He elaborated: “So my length may be slightly different from him. If you start starving his scoring area, he seems to want to score. He is not someone who will sit there all day to stop. Hope he will make mistakes. , Or if the ball is moving, I can let him load or steal the ball.”

Despite missing a test match due to injury, Smith made a huge 774 runs in the ashes of 2019.

Robinson further revealed that he hopes to emulate the former England all-around player Andrew Flintoff, who had watched his game in the 2006-07 Ashes Series. Although England lost the series 5-0, the 28-year-old Pacer recalled some of Flintov’s brilliant performances.

Robinson told reporters before the first Ashes test, “I have never been (to Brisbane) to play before, but I watched the test game here when I was 13 years old. It was very special and I was lucky to be here,” Robinson told the British media. “I remember some moments in that series, I think Freddy got 89 one day (in Sydney), I remember I think he just brought it to Australia. This is what I want to do, and I want to play The way of cricket.”

He is awesome: Joe Root praises Ollie Robinson

England captain Joe Root praised Robinson’s bowling performance as “excellent” despite facing personal turmoil in his test debut. After making his debut in the game against New Zealand in June, Robinson was immediately suspended after his offensive historical tweet came to the fore.

However, Robinson returned in the test series against India and proved very effective. He was seen by Australia as a potential threat to the ashes.

Root talked about Robinson in an interview with reporters, “Look at how Ollie participates in the cricket test. He has always been great. He performed very well and stood up. He has had to deal with something in his career. Circumstances, so it’s impressive for him to be able to overcome this and still show his performance in many ways.”

So far, Robinson, who was born in Kent, has participated in five tests on behalf of England and won 28 wickets with an amazing average score of 19.60, of which 5 are the best of 65.


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