After the early collapse of England, Jonny Bairstow hit the brave ashes

Jonny Bairstow (Jonny Bairstow) overcame painful obstacles in the first test century in more than three years, digging deeper, and brought a rare moment of joy to the England team during their troubled Australia trip.

Bairstow was in a familiar mess with England at 36-4, but when he counterattacked at 103 mph instead of SCG, his right thumb received a 90 mph hit.

The Yorkshireman averaged 21.32 points per game in 19 games since his last triple-digit match against Sri Lanka in November 2018, but he responded with a brave counterattack that people have long been against him for a long time. The doubts, this will always remain in people’s memory.

Whether this is enough to save England from falling behind 4-0 remains to be seen, but it will certainly save Bairstow from participating in the bloodshed that seems likely to happen at the end of a grim tournament.

Bairstow waited nervously to reach his seventh test ton at the end of the day, carving the fourth ball of the final into four to begin a passionate celebration. This allowed England to lead 258 to 7, still 158 points behind, but in the end showed some steel worthy of competition from the old rivals.

Entering the depths of another top-tier crash, Bairstow shared a restorative stance of 128 with Ben Stokes, who slammed to 66 after an outrageous luck and ended with 8 4s and 3 6s.

Stokes did not provide any shots for his all-around player Cameron Green at 16 mph, and he saw the ball healthy connection with his stump. Usually, this is enough to send a batsman back to the pavilion with his tail tucked in, but to Australia’s surprise-and Stokes’ pleasure-bail stubbornly refuses to make concessions.

When Stokes was trapped in lbw by Nathan Lyon, when his thumb was heavily blocked by Pat Cummins’ bodyguard on the next ball, Stokes’ enthusiastic reaction was interrupted. His The knock on the door seemed to end at 61 minutes.

He needs long-term treatment from a physical therapist and looks forced to retire, but he refuses to give up his position. Instead, he continued to swing from the hips to England’s first century series.

Bairstow is not the only England batsman to have some bruises throughout the day, because the bowling attack has the perfect skill to take advantage of it.

There may be a shortage of bandages in the away locker room, as a series of body blows and finger-damaging shots rained down on injured tourists.

The morning game was severely delayed and shortened due to rain, but Australia still had enough time to tie with England in the top four.

Haseeb Hameed was the first to leave because he continued his desperate tour, which may put his international career back into hibernation. The third ball of the day was dropped and goalkeeper Alex Carey showed a loose gap in Mitchell Stark, who was cleared for six in a tattered shot from the same pitcher .

With an average score of over 10 in the series, his prospects for making the finale in Hobart look slim. Zach Crowley shot 18 consecutive shots before suffering the same fate, fell on Scott Boland’s court and lost his stump.

England didn’t know this at the time, but they were at the beginning of an absurdly one-sided period, seeing a hypnotic sequence of 70 consecutive penalties on both sides of lunch.

In that long scoring-free streak, they lost three wickets because Boland let Joe Root slip for a duck, and David Maran threw Green towards him when his leg slipped. Catcher.

Stokes ended the drought with a heavy advantage, and once he was strangely released, he launched a counterattack. He supported his shots, hitting Stark with three consecutive quarterbacks in one stage and intensifying his side pressure in the process.

Bierstow followed, chasing Lyon with a series of wonderful sweeps, cuts and kick-offs. Stokes couldn’t grow big and sat very deep, and was hit by the spinner’s arm ball, but Bierstow dug in after being injured.

He swept Lyon into the stands twice, and then slammed Green to get more of the same results. He hardly had time to reach his 100 people, but his timing was just right to make Cummins the third person in one fell swoop.

Jack Leach was there to share this moment, and Jos Buttler bagged an eight-ball duck before Mark Wood’s exciting 39-year-old cameo. But this was Bairstow’s day, and he led the team to a well-deserved praise.

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