After Shardul Thakur recorded the best stats of his career on Day 2 in Johannesburg

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Published on: January 5, 2022

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Indian Pacer Shardul Thakur may have scored 7 points for the best bowling result on the second day of the Johannesburg Test against South Africa with 61 points. However, Thakur believes that his best form has not yet arrived. The 30-year-old player is the main spoiler because India limits Proteas to 229. His heroic behavior ensured that South Africa’s lead in the first game was limited to 27. India ended the second day of the game 85-2, leading 58 runs.

Although he recorded the best data of his test, when asked if this is his best performance, Thakur replied: “This is my best data, but the best is always yet to come. I would say.”

The pacemaker added that instead of trying to do anything special, he put the ball in a cracked place. He explained his bowling performance, “When I started bowling, I was 22 yards from where the ball kicked in (leaved) and kept it low. So all I did was try to hit the ball and hit it. That crack.”

Thakur also said that so far, the pitching of these two tests has provided help, which is helpful to his career. The Mumbai cricketer added: “Look at these two venues, even when we played the Centurion against the Rangers in Johannesburg (Johannesburg), there was some help on the court, so all you have to do is continue. Trying to put the batter and the bowl in the right position, I tried to do the same thing.”

Although India seems to have the upper hand on Day 3 of the Johannesburg test, Thakur believes that the game is still tricky. He believes, “The current situation of the game, if you find it tricky. The lead we have taken from here and the goals we set the bigger the better, because as the game progresses, we all know that the last two days on the court It’s not that easy to hit the ball.

“So, from our team’s point of view, the bigger the goal we set, the longer the game time, which is good because there is still a lot of time for the game,” the bowling all-around player continued.

India will resume their second game on Wednesday, with Cheteshwar Pujara unbeaten in 35 games and Ajinkya Rahane unbeaten in 11 games.

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