After Ben Stokes injured his side the next day, England hoped to achieve the best results.

After Ben Stokes was injured on the second day of the fourth Ashes Test in Sydney, the England team hoped to achieve the best results, but worried about the worst.

Stokes was in the middle of a series of bodyguards in the morning meeting, when he stopped during his follow-up, clutched his side tightly and left to seek treatment before his end.

A battle-tested fighter like Stokes will only show pain when absolutely necessary. Although he can return to the scene in the afternoon, he is not considered a bowling option for the rest of the day.

Side injuries are one of the most troublesome injuries that fast bowlers can bear, hindering their movement and range of motion long after the initial prognosis, and it is not unimaginable that he throws the last ball of the series.

If this is the case, the England team will face a struggle to balance the team without their only true all-around player.

Teammate Stuart Broad admits that there are some concerns in the dressing room, but insists that Stokes will at least perform his batting duties unless the body is unable to do so.

“He is one of the strongest people I have ever met and the strongest cricket player I have ever seen, so let him go instead of bowling…it obviously hurts,” he said.

“He is currently on ice and we have no information about what happened next to him. I hope we will give him more rest tomorrow, because the 12-24 hour cricket match is a long time. It gives the body a lot of time to heal.

“He stays on the field so that he can hit the ball in his usual position. If it hadn’t been torn to pieces, he would be there. As England fans and teammates, we hope this will not be like him on this trip. It’s no longer as bad as bowling in China.”

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