AB de Villiers Clears the Air on Vision Issues


Troll and appreciation is a part of any cricketer’s life. There are a few cricketers in the cricket world with zero haters. Ab de Villiers is one of them. Mr. 360 has his fans in every part of the world. He has come into the headlines for his extraordinary batting techniques. But this time the story is not regarding his performance. A few days ago, he talked about his concern over his right eye. After that, he addressed this issue on his YouTube channel by providing further context.

What was the matter?

A few days ago, Mr. 360 commented on an issue in his right eye. That became a headline by saying he played the last 2-3 years of IPL with a detached retina. The South African legend revealed he experienced a vision loss due to a kick by his younger son. That reveal became a headline.

In an interaction, he said,” My young son accidentally kicked me in my eye with his heel. I started really losing vision in the right eye. When I got the surgery done the doctor actually asked me, ‘How in the world did you play cricket like this?’ Luckily my left eye did a decent job for the last two years of my career.”

The Clarification:

After this statement became a headline, he gave further clarification. He cleared the whole thing. On his social media handle, he shared a video from his YouTube channel and wrote, “ Talked about my eye injury in yesterday’s live show. Since the story surfaced, thought it’s best if I exactly explain what happened. Thanks for all your concern.” 

On his YouTube channel, he said, “Later on, in the IPL the last 2-3 seasons, I realized there was a bit of a blurry, blurred vision with my right eye. I was always testing it on the scoreboard. I was actually caught on the camera once, and I think the commentators mentioned something like, ‘Yeah, he’s getting his right eye in’. Meanwhile, I was just going like, ‘Why is this eye so blurry? And this one is fine. I would put eye drops in. When I got the surgery done, the doctor actually asked me how in the World you play cricket like this. Luckily, my left eye did a decent job. So my left eye is the dominant eye luckily, but the right one did struggle for the last few years.”

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