Aakash Chopra Criticizes Short Two-Test Series: South Africa vs India


Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has voiced his disapproval of the decision to schedule only two Test matches for the ongoing series between South Africa and India. Chopra described this move as a “travesty,” expressing concern about the decreasing number of Test matches in international cricket.

Chopra emphasized the term “series,” stating, “In the WTC Cycle…every country must play 6 series. ‘Series’ is the key operative word here. The minimum requirement to call any engagement a ‘series’ is to play two-tests. Therefore, you see a lot of 2-Test series (otherwise a lot of teams will be happy to play one-Test and move on).”

Regarding the South Africa-India series specifically, Chopra expressed disappointment, saying, “But having an India-SA Test series of just two games is a travesty. Before you point your guns at the BCCI…please to note — India doesn’t make a penny out of this tour. The monies are for SA to keep.”

Chopra’s comments highlight the concern among cricket enthusiasts and former players about the decreasing significance of Test cricket due to the trend of scheduling shorter Test series. Critics argue that such series might compromise the competitive nature of the format and its ability to produce meaningful cricket.

The reduced number of Test matches in bilateral series has been a topic of discussion in international cricket, with stakeholders debating the potential impact on the growth and popularity of the longest format of the game. The cricketing community will be keen to observe how the authorities address these concerns and whether future bilateral series will see an increase in the number of Test matches to ensure a balanced and competitive international cricket calendar.

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