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Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world with a long history. It has been around for more than 300 years and came from England where it was considered a summer sport.

Nowadays, cricket is played in three formats: Test cricket, One Day cricket and Twenty20. The elite form of the game, Test cricket is played over five days for men and four days for women. Though, One Day is the most popular format. Each team gets 300 balls to score runs. And the other team tries to defeat them within the six hours. In T20, each team bats for 20 overs. The match is completed within three hours. A thrilling, eye-catching, intriguing, this game is unique in character and ever growing in popularity at https://yumotohotel.jp.

The best cricket players in the world

Virat Kholi is currently a captain of the national cricket team of India. His position is a right-handed top-order batsman. He has great records in the game of cricket which is a part of the Indian Premier League according to https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/15/sport/virat-kohli-cricket-india-test-captain-spt-intl/index.html. From 2008 till the present, he is a member of the IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore and has many awards to his name.

The former captain of the Australian national cricket team, David Warner is a left-handed batsman in the game where he is an opening batsman. There are several awards to his name such as ICC Test Team of the Year: 2014-2017; ICC ODI Team of the Decade: 2011-2020.

AB De Villiers is a former professional cricket player of South Africa. He plays as a batsman and wicket-keeper. He is also a captain of the South African team and holds a record for fastest 50, 100, and 150 in ODI cricket. Villiers holds the title of the ICC ODI Player of the Year in total three times.

How do I start playing cricket?

For adults, there are a few easy ways to start playing cricket. First things first, you should find a club in your area. If the club is ready to accommodate you, they will offer you coaching as you are a newbie in this game. After some training, you will be able to join one of the local teams pretty quickly to get your match-playing experience.

Can cricket be considered one of the most gambling sports?

How can cricket fans have fun if their favorite teams aren’t playing or if all events are canceled due to the pandemic? Well, most of them tend to gamble to pass the time. Even during the main matches gambling is an ingredient that makes the whole competition more exciting. And you can bet at:Low deposit オンラインカジノおすすめランキング2022.


The reason why cricket betting has become so popular is that fans have always been arguing which team is better. Now they can put money on that. It’s a form of competition and it makes betting so appealing. Any activity with a social and competitive aspect tends to to stay around for ages. Whenever someone wins, they treat their friends and everyone feels good.


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