A selection of useful resources for cricket fans

From being able to follow the live scores To having access to the latest breaking news, cricket fans have a number of excellent tools they can turn to when they’re in need of some cricket-related content. There are more useful resources than many cricket fans realize, though.

From apps and games to online blogs and podcastssports fans are able to explore more content related to their preferred sports than we’ve ever known before. Some content is produced by reputable names from within the industry, while others come from regular fans who want to voice an opinion. Additionally, some games are better than others, while a number of streaming services offer a detailed insight into some of the sport’s top talking points.

Essentially, these useful resources improve the overall experience for cricket fans and bring a much-needed additional layer to following the sport. Of course, some options might not be for you, but there is certainly an increase in the amount of cricket-related content that can be explored online. So, with that in mind, let’s look at some useful resources for cricket fans.

Podcasts will help you with cricket betting and predictions

These days, podcasts have risen to prominence to become one of the most attractive types of media for people to listen to. In the world of cricket, there are a number of excellent productions that provide an informative listen. Some podcasts also offer a strong dose of comical value, while others focus strongly on statistics that can come in handy for cricket betting and when you’re engaging in deep debates with like-minded supporters. From Stumps, Umps & Beer Pumps, a production that focuses on village cricket, to Sky Sports Cricket Podcast, which focuses on up-to-date cricket news and views, there are plenty of viable options out there. Other podcasts that deserve a mention include Middle Please, Umpire, The Rain Break, The Final Word Cricket Podcast, and The Analyst Inside Cricket.

There are some fantastic cricket apps out there

Another useful resource for cricket fans is the wide selection of apps that can be loaded up with seconds on a smartphone or a tablet device. Some apps offer live cricket scores and news, such as Cricbuzz, while others provide video highlights, interviews and press conference the s , like ESPNCricinfo. The options certainly don’t end there, though, with a range of excellent apps being downloaded by dedicated cricket fans on a daily basis. Popular options include The Official ICC App, SofaScore, OneCricket App, Yahoo Cricket App, and NDTV Cricket App.

The best games for cricket fans

While this particular option won’t provide you with any additional insight into the real world of cricket, you’re able to have a blast in a virtual environment. After all, sports fans generally adore sports-themed games, with a selection of cricket games standing out in recent times. The most appealing titles on a variety of different gaming devices include World Cricket Championship 3, Real Cricket 22, Stick Cricket Live, Don Bradman’s Crick et 17, Ashes Cricket, Big Bash Boom, and Cricket 19.

Cricket blogs are also popular

Another commonly explored option for many cricket fans are the hundreds of blogs that are solely dedicated to the sport. Some blogs focus on cricket at an amateur level, others offer content around the biggest stars in the sport, while some online content is put together by passionate fans with opinions to share. Given the global popularity of the sport, there are plenty of viable blogs out there, but the top options include Cricwaves, CricketTimes, The Full Toss Cricket, Stumps and Bails, CricBlog, Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC !) Blog, and The Cricket Blog.

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