2022 Hundred going to be even better than 2021, says Emma Lamb

Manchester Originals batter Emma Lamb feels that the 2022 Hundred will be even better than the inaugural 2021 competition.

The Lancashire and North West Thunder batter caught up with Josh Dooler at a Dynamos cricket event at Roe Green CC to discuss the upcoming Hundred competition.

You’re at a Dynamos event today – can you explain what you’ve been doing today and what Dynamos is?

Dynamos is all about getting loads of young girls and boys involved with cricket, and to enjoy and have fun playing the game, and ultimately to pick up a bat and ball and have fun with it.

I guess the link between The Hundred and Dynamos is all about inspiring the next generation of cricketers?

Yeh definitely! We want to get as many kids involved in the game as we possibly can, so we can inspire the next generation of cricketers, which is exactly what we want to achieve through Dynamos!

Looking back at last year, and having had a year with Manchester Originals already – how did you enjoy the competition? Any learnings from your side?

It was absolutely spectacular, it was amazing! I had so much fun out on the pitch, and it was something different as well, playing in front of those big crowds – it was definitely a bit of a learning for me but I eventually got used to it. I think I’m just so excited for this year, and I’ve got big expectations for us as a team and I think we can learn from things to improve on from last year, employ them on the pitch and do everyone proud!

I believe you played in last year’s opening match of The Hundred, and may have been slightly surprised by the fireworks going off?

Yes I played in the opening game, and did get used to the fireworks quickly after the first game! It was definitely something a bit different and a surprise to me!

Oval Invincibles players lift the trophy upon winning the Women’s Final of The Hundred at Lord’s

Is it the fireworks, the DJ’s and those things that are really going to bring cricket to a new audience?

Yeh I think so, and I think those things combined with the cricket, the fireworks and the DJ, it makes it more appealing and more fun to come and watch as it’s just a great day out! I definitely think that it will inspire more people to play. It’s definitely a fun day out, and we want to show kids that cricket is fun, and we will definitely get more people into cricket by getting them along to an enjoyable day at The Hundred!

2G8MJAC Fans in the stands react at the end during The Hundred match at The Kia Oval, Kennington. Picture date: Wednesday July 21, 2021.

We saw how amazing The Hundred was last year, do you think this year will be even bigger and better?

Yep I think so – the first year of The Hundred was a massive success and I think that this year will be even better, and can only continue to keep growing the sport in the country. The Hundred is bringing in a new crowd which is so important moving forward, capturing them with the excitement going on.

How excited are you for Lizelle Lee, Amy Sattersthwaite and Deandra Dottin?

Yeh I’m so excited to play with all three of those players again, as they have such a wealth of experience from so many international competitions like the big Bash and IPL, World Cups, and I’ll definitely be continuing to pick all of their brains.

This summer is going to be an unforgettable summer for women’s cricket with the commonwealth games. How excited are you for your own ambitions and to keep pushing towards the England team in future?

It’s a big year for me and I’m definitely excited for the summer ahead. I can only control what I can control, and that’s what I do on the pitch. Whatever opportunity I get in any cricket, I’ll always do my best and that’s all that I can control!

Dynamos cricket is an ECB programme to inspire 8-11 year-olds into cricket.

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