2021 T20 World Cup | Watch: “The whole of India is behind you”

Scotland Goalkeeper Matthew Cross made an interesting comment behind the stump, reminding spinner Chris Greaves of the 2021 T20 World Cup match on Wednesday (November 3) afternoon when he ran to New Zealand’s Glen Phillips How did the entire Indian fan base support him when he was bowling.

In Dubai against the New Zealanders, Scotland needs a victory to ensure that they continue to participate in the competition. But also from an Indian perspective, their victory is very important to keep Virat Kohli and the company’s bleak hopes intact.

The hottest New Zealanders, if they beat Scotland, will score two more points in the second group of the Super 12 stage and become one of the front runners in the semi-finals. But their failure helped India. They not only need to win all the remaining games with a big score, but also hope that New Zealand and Afghanistan will lose at least one game.

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T20 World Cup

Matthew Cross made an interesting comment from an Indian perspective at the T20 World Cup.

Matthew Cross made an interesting Indian reference in the New Zealand SCO T20 World Cup match

It was with this situation in mind that Krost mentioned to Greaves that the whole of India was behind him because he ran up earlier in the New Zealand batsman game and waved to Phillips in Dubai.

Cross’s comments also inspired Indian fans who closely followed Scotland’s match against New Zealand. They hoped that the leading vice team could regain its footing and defeat the New Zealanders with an unlikely victory.

Historically, the New Zealander has been the biggest bully of the lower-ranked testers and partners in the World Cup and has never failed in such competitions.

Also in the last T20 World Cup match against Scotland in 2009, they came to the fore in a rainy match at the England Oval.

After losing to Pakistan and New Zealand, India needs an unrealistic plan to go its own way, because they now not only need to defeat Afghanistan (November 3), Scotland (November 5) and Namibia (November 8) , And also hope that at least one of his accomplices or Afghanistan will defeat New Zealand.

But the tricky part is that if Afghanistan does achieve an unexpected victory over the New Zealanders, India needs to use its own conflict with them to ensure that their NRR drops enough to not lead them by this amount.

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