2021 South Africa vs. India Test Series: The five best matches between South African teams


South Africa, the home of rubies and diamonds, has never really proven itself as a happy hunting land in India. They have won only 3 out of 20 tests conducted in this country, covering more than 7 different visits. The first victory was in 2006, 14 years after their first visit to the country.

The Indians have once again stepped into the same field that has been hostile to them for many years, but this time, the ambition is much stronger, and so is the team. India is not far away from the victory of the last series. Perhaps they lost more than 200 games in the first test, which prevented them from breaking the historical record.

For Proteas, the situation is much more complicated, and they have encountered a series of problems both on and off the court. The SJN report issued a verdict of racial prejudice against some big-name players, plus the recent performance of the team did not meet the standard. This may be their most glorious victory in the series.

Their hunt started in less than a week, but before that, let’s review the five best tests these teams have conducted in South Africa.

South Africa vs. India 2013 series: When Proteas beat the world record by 8 points

The 205 running cooperation between ABD and Faf almost helped South Africa break the world record for the highest number of runs in a cricket test.

This was India’s first game after Sachin Tendulkar (December 2013) retired, and it was also South Africa’s first professional game after the death of Nelson Mandela. Virat Kohli created one of the most shocking hundreds of times in his career, recording 119 times in the first game and helping his team reach 280 times. The Zaheer-Ishant masterclass of fast bowlers helped India gain a weak lead in the first game. All 10 wickets were taken by the Pacers, which was rare for India 8 years ago.

Virat Kohli played in the game for almost two centuries, but fell behind by four points in the second game. However, Cheteshwar Pujara reached the goal, eventually scoring 153 points in 270 deliveries, which brought India to 421 times in the game, setting a goal of 458 times. In order to win this game, South Africa had to complete the greatest chase ever, and to the disappointment of sweaty Indian fans, they almost did it.

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Alviro Peterson and Graeme Smith were supported by 100 points before Faf du Plessis, and AB de Villiers launched an excellent offense on the 5th day. They control the required speed well and have small doors in their hands. The hosts surpassed the 400 mark in the remaining considerable time and achieved a historic victory, but Ishant Sharma fired AB de Villiers, shortly before Faf ran out of him.

Although the goal is within reach, the South African tails decided not to win in the last few games. In the end, they were still 8 points away. The game ended in an exciting draw. The audience was not satisfied with Steyn’s defense, but it was a game that fans cherished and remembered.

1997 South Africa vs. India Series: Cape Town’s Sachin-Azhar attack

You rarely see the great Nelson Mandela in a stadium, maybe Sachin Tendulka And Muhammad Azaluddin did not want this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to slip away in 1997. Their counterattack partnership after being downgraded to 58/5 in India may have only helped one side avoid the follow-up, but it is one of the favorite memories of many Tendulkar and Azhar.

South Africa first scored 529 shots, and Gary Kirsten, Brian McMillan and Lance Crusenna achieved centuries. When Hyderabad and Mumbai gathered together, the host easily surpassed the highest level, but could not stop the storm. They added 222 times in 40 games and helped India get 359 times. After a sensational 159 runs, Sachin was the last to be fired, and Azaruddin’s 115 batting rate exceeded 100.

Daryll Cullinan, Andrew Hudson and Brian McMillan scored 50 points in the second game, helping to offset India’s small momentum. They set a huge 427 run goal, but only completed 127 runs, and the two heroes in the first game were limited to single digits. Although this game did not offer much for Indian supporters, people are still talking about the time when they won more than 200 games in the game until today.

South Africa vs India 2018 Series: Vernon Ferrand keeps India waiting for glory in Cape Town

Cape Town has always been one of India’s most terrifying testing venues, the side lost 2 times in 4 appearances here, and tied the other two. But Virat Kohli’s fierce man nearly won a historic victory at the venue in December 2018. Despite the collapse of the top event, South Africa still won 286 games, AB de Villiers and Faf du Plessis scored 50 points.

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It turns out that for the Indian team, the South African bowlers were too active. They stared at an embarrassing first game total, but Hardik Pandya’s heroic 93 shots allowed them to get a total of 201 points. The visiting team had a small opening and in the second game with an amazing bowling effort to get closer to victory.

Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah each chose 3 wickets because the host only ran 130 times. India has 208 games to chase, and their most anticipated victory is clear at a glance. However, Vernon Philander has other ideas. The fast bowler cut in with an amazing spell, picked up 6 wickets for one side, and allowed India to throw 135 points. A test full of ups and downs finally turned to Safaris, which provided the best entertainment.

South Africa vs India 2006 Series: India’s first test victory in South Africa

India celebrates Graeme Smith’s sacking | Photos | India in South Africa | ESPNcricinfo.com

Sreesanth scored 8 wickets in the game because India defeated South Africa by 123 points.

After 14 long years, India finally won their first test victory in South Africa. It turns out that Indian coach Rahul Dravid will chase India’s first test series victory in the country. He led India to a landmark victory in 2006. A half-century of Ganguly and some late blitz of VRV Singh helped the visiting team first get 249 shots.

This is where Sreesanth took the lead in launching one of India’s greatest bowling games in these lands, with a pitch rate of 5/40 in 10 games, because the host was brutally tied up 84 times. Anil Kumble and Zaheer also chose 2 wickets each. VVS Laxman’s outstanding 73 points and their healthy 165-point lead helped India set a huge goal of 402 points.

South Africa had some short-term counterattacks, but the targets were too big. Ashwell Prince was fired with 97 points and was their highest scorer because they were eliminated with 278 points. Zaheer, Kumble and Sreesanth each picked 3 wickets for the team because Dravid became the first Indian captain to win the test on Ruthless Turf.

1997 South Africa vs. India Series: Cullinan saves India to prevent India from achieving a historic victory

After losing the first two test matches in the 1996/97 Tour, India is under tremendous pressure to avoid whitewashing.This is the time of the current head coach Rahul Dravid When India hit the ball for the first time in the bullring, he shot an astonishing 148. Sourav Ganguly and Javagal Srinath also made important contributions, which brought India to 410 times.

After adding more than 40 runs with the bat, Srinath made five shots with the ball and provided an unforgettable performance. This is the only game in the series where the top six batsmen of Proteas did not score 50 points and were eliminated in 321 games. Dravid and Ganguly shined again in the second game of the 1950s, setting a huge 356 run goal for them in just over a day.

This game depends entirely on India’s contest against time. It turns out that the latter won and rejected India’s first test victory in South Africa with only 2 wickets. They scored 228 points after losing 8 wickets. Daryll Cullinan scored amazingly and ended in a tie. In the 95/7 game, India almost won, but they were eventually rejected.


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