Chris Keynes is on his way to recovery, New Zealand Cricket and Ashes


Former New Zealand all-around player Chris Keynes continued to recover after a series of life-threatening operations that paralyzed his waist. He is in good spirits. The 51-year-old man suffered an aortic dissection in August and needs life support.

Speaking at a special rehabilitation facility at Canberra University Hospital in Cairns, he said in a relaxed way: “This is the biggest challenge I currently face, including bowling in Sachin Tendulkar, India. In fact, you can play in Sachin anywhere. Bowling is too difficult in the world! (laughs).

Keynes, the son of former test player Lance Keynes, participated in 62 Tests and 215 ODIs for New Zealand between 1989 and 2006. He is now playing in Australia by watching “every movie on Netflix…twice! I love the T20 World Cup and Ashes”.

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“In terms of movies, I like anything from Matt Damon or Christian Bale. In terms of TV series, I’m currently focused on Yellowstone Park starring Kevin Costner.”

Keynes is also a “large” NFL fan and supporter of the New England Patriots. “The playoffs are great for us, so go shoot!” he exclaimed.

Keynes believes that his cricket career is helping him recover. “Rehabilitation may be very boring and monotonous, but I have done it many times. I am keenly aware of what is needed and I am mentally prepared for it.”

Keynes spends five hours in the gym every day, from 9 am to 12 pm, and then from 1 pm to 3 pm. He uses a pulley system to perform a lot of leg swings to reduce gravity, and uses a tilt table to perform leg squats and train the upper body to increase the force transferred from the wheelchair.

Keynes said: “At the Canberra Rehabilitation Hospital, there are six days a week.”

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In all this, he still has cricket in his mind. He talked about how the Black Caps under the leadership of Gary Stead and Kane Williamson “are currently the most comprehensive team in the world cricket competition. Their performance in the world competition in the past few years proves that all the participants in New Zealand cricket. Participate in some of the wonderful cricket matches so far, the most recent highlight is the victory against India in the World Test Championship.”

He also weighed 2-0 in the England team and the ongoing Ashes. “This seems to be an under-strength England team in Australia,” he said.

“In Australia, the lack of top-level events is always problematic. A successful tour team must also have a reliable spinner. These are what India had last summer and their success here is no coincidence.”


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