Canelo Alvarez vs. Caleb Plant: The five biggest storylines to watch before the Showtime PPV in Las Vegas

On Saturday night, when the biggest superstar in boxing returns to the field, history may be made in Las Vegas.When unified super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) faces IBF champion Caleb Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) in the main event, he is expected to become The first undisputed champion in the history of the department Showtime Boxing PPV The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (9 p.m. EST).

At a press conference held in Los Angeles on September 22, a skirmish broke out between the fighters, which left a wound under Plante’s right eye, and the game also attracted more mainstream attention.

As we approach the night of battle, let’s take a look at the biggest storyline surrounding the return of Mexican idols.

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1. No one has come to Carneiro like this before

Although the GGG kept mentioning Alvarez’s drug test failure, his 2018 rematch with Gennadi Golovkin became particularly cold, but compared with the fireworks factory set off at the September press conference, This is nothing. Plant not only publicly portrayed Alvarez and his stable under coach Eddie Renoso as a complete liar, he also instigated a game by calling Alvarez a “sissy” and responding to his push with a slap in the face. A brief and explosive melee. This is not Billy Joe Sanders’ stupid insult to Alvarez during their press conference, nor is it that Daniel Jacobs pushed Alvarez after they weighed and stared. This is the most aggressive of Alvarez’s opponents, let him know they are real. Plante’s unwilling attitude also contributed to the popularity of extracurricular activities between them and added a bloody element to the promotion. They also conveyed a clear and unmistakable message to Alvarez about Plante’s spiritual power and belief in himself. However, we won’t know until the night of the battle whether this will help Plante become a heavy loser by getting Alvarez to withdraw from the game. One thing we know is…

2. Awakening a sleeping giant is never a dangerous idea

Is Plant completely mad because he angered Alvarez, or is he mad like a fox? If this is for Plante to simply stimulate his emotions, then this is a gamble that may bring serious consequences. You know, the whole “don’t mess with the bulls or you will get horns” type of transaction. As a finisher in this heavyweight class, Alvarez is fierce enough, which gives the typical gentle champion an additional reason to be more ruthless and efficient in his pursuit of the knockout stage, which seems misguided. However, Plant is an aggressive boxer known for his fast pace and combination. He may subconsciously encourage Alvarez to become a bull of the matador, because he thinks that the less patient Alvarez can be more Confront easily. Again, this is a major gamble, but it is strategically aggressive, and the same is true. There is also an interesting way to try to change the current situation of Alvarez opponents, who entered with humble hope and exited with unilateral failure. Alvarez is such a precise counterattack that, theoretically, Plante hopes that the same things that make him successful will eventually accelerate his death.

3. Alvarez’s current operating level has almost reached the highest level in history

In the four-belt united battle with the undefeated champion, how does the person setting the betting line prove that Alvarez is a popular candidate with a whopping –1200? Probably because he is so good. Alvarez has evolved from a 154-pound smart counterattack puncher to an all-round destroyer that is two heavyweight classes higher. This is very worth seeing. Alvarez defeated a frightening boxer like Sergey Kovalev with 175 pounds, the same fact that he won the world championship with 175 pounds. High, this is just the icing on the cake for the undisputed dominance of the Mexican star who recently topped the pound-to-pound list. Seeing Alvarez becoming a dangerous warrior-someone who can send you out as easily as a punch to death-is a testament to his work ethic and hunger. But regardless of the opponent’s size or style, his stability is the most impressive. A large part of this is the prolific schedule maintained by Alvarez, as this rare elite boxer focuses on maximizing his physical fitness by remaining active at a level that most stars in the sport have never seen. This weekend will be Alvarez’s fourth game in 12 months. As a promotional and online free agent with rare influence, Alvarez can, to a large extent, give orders on his own. In fact, he did so in this way only to explain Alvarez’s character and the essence of his professional goals.

4. The sample size of Plant Elite enemies is small, which makes it difficult to properly hinder

No one questioned whether Alvarez should be the favorite, or even the overwhelming favorite of this battle. He is the best boxer in the game for a reason. However, trying to figure out exactly how many plants should be tested is still a daunting task. If this fight happened immediately after Plante defeated Jose Uzcategui’s breakthrough championship title in 2019, when he scored two knockdowns and persisted in late heavy punches Go on, then we really want to know whether this native of Tennessee will not be an afterthought. Since defeating Uzcategui, Plant has played three defenses for his IBF title, but in a series of showcase matches, the pairing has been suspicious enough that we have not been able to understand his true top abilities. Even Plant’s most recent game, the decision to completely shut down in 12 rounds with the faded former champion Caleb Truax, left more questions than answers, because Plant dominated Status, but not much talent or inspiration. Is Plant the kind of fighter who stands up against the real elite when the stakes and danger are highest? It is difficult to know due to lack of evidence.

5. Alvarez’s dream of unity does not seem to stop at 168 pounds

Although Alvarez had won the world championship in the light heavyweight competition before, he quickly gave up, but he did not seriously consider his idea of ​​returning to the heavyweight class. Or at least the fans and the media think so. But Alvarez will not stop proposing the possibility of a full-time transfer to 175 pounds to challenge the undefeated champions Artur Betbiyev and Dmitry Bivor. Considering that both are extremely dangerous opponents and are not household names, this is the kind of high-risk and low-reward prediction that most elite fighters will avoid considering. Alvarez is just a completely different type of competitor. If Alvarez stays at the super middleweight and has a potential PPV match with David Benavidez or Jemal Charlo, he will definitely make more money. However, if Alvarez continues to unify the title in the fourth weight class and do so by defeating Betbyev’s P4P genius, it is difficult to exaggerate the history of his current career. Great achievement.

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