Canelo Alvarez is close to historic achievement, focusing on more gold and greater challenges

Tier 4 champion Canelo Alvarez refuses to be content with the success he has achieved because he is also the pound-to-pound king of boxing and the world’s biggest draw, which puts any potential in front of him The restriction becomes difficult.

Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) has come a long way in his 16-year career, starting from his hometown of Mexico, he became a viable pay-per-view star at the age of 23 . However, as the 31-year-old Alvarez prepares to make history again on Saturday and hopes to be crowned the first undisputed champion in the history of the super middleweight, it is worth taking some time to understand what Alvarez’s progress is How amazing.

The 168-pound defending WBA, WBO and WBC champion welcomes IBF champion Caleb Plant (21-0, 12 KO) Weekend in the MGM Grand Garden ArenaThe fact that Alvarez is such a monster betting favorite is not as surprising as what this battle represents throughout the warrior’s career: the complete unity of the entire department in less than a year And do the same at 175 pounds at the last stand before possible attempts.

“The harder thing than climbing to the top is staying there,” Alvarez said in recent weeks. “This is why I work hard every day to get better. This is what I have been trying to do from the first fight to now.”

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Alvarez suffered his only professional defeat in 2013 when he gave up an extensive decision against Floyd Mayweather in their 152-pound catch heavyweight superfight. He is a smart boxer Hand and heavy counter-attack, his pace is very weak. However, the person who will face Plant on Saturday is nothing more than a 168-pound destroyer capable of defeating opponents with great power, counterattacking or relying on his skills to complete them unexpectedly.

Alvarez’s main success today makes it easy to forget the period from 2014 to 2016, when the Mexican idol often chose to fight at his favorite weight of 155 pounds—often nicknamed “card” by the boxing media. Nello’s weight”-and his critics want to know if Alvarez is big enough to challenge a full-size middleweight like Gennadi Golovkin.

So how did we get here? Just two years ago, Alvarez dared to become a great world by upgrading to light heavyweight, where he defeated the defending champion Sergey Kovalev while behaving like a bigger boxer? Alvarez publicly stated that he hopes to return to 175 pounds in order to have the possibility of challenging the unified champion Artur Betbyev (16-0, 16 KOs), instead of simply facing a smaller and more suitable for big money The enemy of the market?

“We continue to work as we did when we first started,” Alvarez said. “We have the same historical vision, and this is why we are here.”

This year, when Freddie Roach, the Hall of Fame coach for eighth champion Manny Pacquiao, was asked what Pacquiao’s secret to maintaining longevity and continued excellence in his early 40s after a dramatic increase in weight was, Roach used words such as passion, professional ethics and hunger.

The same spirit can also be found in Alvarez. His recent weight may be different from Pacquiao’s 106-pound debut and winning the junior welterweight world championship, but it deserves to be compared with the legendary “Pac-Man” because he No matter which department he competes in, he has such profound speed and strength.

“Sometimes you find yourself thinking about the way you walked with Canelo,” coach Eddy Reynoso said. “We have worked together for nearly 17 years. The most important thing is that he has not lost his desire to continue to grow, continue to win, and continue to succeed in boxing.”

If his trademark slogan “No boxing, no life” is not enough as an indicator, then although Alvarez has conquered the highest peak of the sport, he still maintains the enthusiasm and focus of the challenger to climb the team. This enthusiasm allows him to continuously work on his craft and improve his shortcomings.

Although he believes that the impact of slower footwork at the junior middleweight level decreases as his weight gains, it is clear that Alvarez has grown in almost all categories of explosion, footwork, defense, and aiming. Probably the deadliest prostitute in the sport downstairs. Along the way, Alvarez has become smarter. He is always patient and calm, but now he is equally deadly when he finishes his opponent with a perfect punch at the right time.

“I am a complete fighter. I can do all kinds of things in the ring,” Alvarez said. “I can be aggressive, I can fight back, I can move. At the end of the day, I knew I had to be a complete fighter. This is what I learned under Eddy Reynoso.

“The secret of my relationship with Eddie lies in our discipline. My mind is very strong and I will use this in this battle. I am a person who likes to challenge. I always want to continue to learn, learn, and learn.”

Alvarez perfectly demonstrated his talents in a unified game against Callum Smith in December last year, when the English native chose to spend most of his time behind his high defender. Alvarez adjusted Smith’s left arm, which damaged his jab and defense, and caused a biceps tear that required immediate surgery.

The fact is that Alvarez has spent most of his career actively looking for difficult challenges with different styles. As we all know, he violated the advice of the former promoters and targeted the more difficult left-handed boxers Austin Trout and Eris Randy Lara in the junior welterweight class. A few years later, he scored 160 pounds and 168 pounds. The pounds of weight easily defeated Golovkin and Kovalev some of the most fierce fighters in the sport. .

It is precisely because he has seen all this and conquered almost everyone he faces, so Alvarez has no doubt that he will be able to handle everything Plante brings.

“I know what I need to do, and I know a lot about him,” Alvarez said. “He is an excellent boxer, but I know my skills. I have encountered Caleb against Floyd Mayweather, Erislandy Lara, Austin Trout and [Billy Joe] Sanders. My experience will give me an advantage in battle. ”

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