Canelo Alvarez (Canelo Alvarez) resume review: look at this Mexican superstar’s rapid rise and rise to fame in one fell swoop

When Saul “Canelo” Alvarez challenged Caleb Plant on Saturday night, the biggest star in boxing returned to the ring. This game is a unified conflict aimed at crowning the first four-belt super middleweight champion.Everything is going on Screening time PPV (9pm EST).

The matter between Plante and Alvarez has been fierce, and a quarrel broke out briefly at the pre-match press conference. Plant suffered the most serious injury in the quarrel at that press conference. His eyes were cut, but the battle was never in danger of being cancelled.

Those pre-match antics are just another example of Carneiro’s evolution. Carneiro has always possessed elite skills, but has established an annoying average winning streak in recent years. Before it was arguably the biggest match of his career, Plante went smoothly between trying to get into Carneiro’s mind and irritating the top fighters of the sport.

This week, Brian Campbell and Luke Thomas reviewed Canelo’s career with an in-depth resume review of “Morning Kombat.”

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Let’s take a look at two games in Carneiro’s career. CBS sports experts believe this is the pinnacle of his career.

Against Gennady Golovkin II (September 15, 2018): If Canelo Alvarez’s career has a turning point, the most proclaiming that he will continue to create the dominant game after that, then he will compete with Gennadiy Golovkin in 2018. Golovkin)’s rematch is just like that. Alvarez is angry at GGG’s constant drug cheating allegations against him, and he made sure to make that adjustment when entering the semi-finals so that there is less doubt about the results after their controversial draw last year. Alvarez drew inspiration from Golovkin’s boasting of his “Mexican style” and chose to stand directly in front of the Kazakhstan heavy hitter to be as good as he was in a classic fierce battle. By confronting the bully and forcing him to retreat, Alvarez defeated Golovkin by a majority and set a new tone for him to continue to be a super middleweight destroyer type. –Brian Campbell

Against Billy Joe Sanders (May 8, 2021): I considered losing to Mayweather as a valuable learning experience for Alvarez, but Sanders’ battle is not only the most recent, but also the most relevant to the battle with Plante. Alvarez once again asked a boxer to try to play mental games and buttons, and Sanders not only insulted, but also refused to argue over the ring size disagreement in the late stunt performance. Once they enter the boxing ring, Alvarez will track and apply pressure until Sanders finds his leggings and starts to get some rounds through solid technical boxing. However, Alvarez has become a one-punch destroyer, he used a punch to smash Sanders’ successful boxing. That punch interrupted Sanders’ eye sockets in three places, causing Sanders to retire after the eighth round. How hard was the angry Canelo hit? “I thought,’Oh, that’s a good ball, that’s a good ball,'” Sanders told TalkSport“I started jumping around, but my eyes were already down under my eyelids. I could see two or three all the time, and after 30 seconds I realized that it was not my legs, but my eyes.” Plant angered. For this Mexican superstar, this is playing with fire. –Brent Brookhouse

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