Caleb Plant refuses to give up Canelo Alvarez and plans to raise its hands “in any way necessary”

Although he participated in Saturday’s uniform competition, crowning the first four-belt undisputed champion in super middleweight history, the undefeated IBF champion Caleb Plant does not have to look too far to realize that he is professional He was eliminated before the biggest game of his career.

To be fair, most of it is because of his opponents-WBA, WBO and WBC champion Canelo Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 undisputed king of pounds and The biggest global star in boxing.

But even if every major sportsbook gives Plante (21-0, 12 KO) huge odds as an overwhelming loser, this makes this battle at MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. On-site (Showtime PPV, 9pm EST) Feeling is just a form, and numbers don’t tell the whole story.

The 29-year-old Plant may not have the same elite level experience as Alvarez. Alvarez is a Mexican icon. He turned professional at the age of 15 and continued to take over from Floyd Mayweather. This sport has become the biggest pay-per-view lottery in this sport. However, Plant does possess something intangible, which played an important role in facilitating this battle, and may play the same role in affecting his chances of winning on the night of the battle.

In a life that has not been easy, it may be difficult to quantify how tough Plant is.

This is why he never made Alvarez back down during the skirmish at the press conference that broke out in Beverly Hills, California on September 22, which left a wound under Plante’s left eye. This is why he never flinched after the melee, still approaching the podium and giving a passionate speech about the extraordinary life he was trying to live.

“I have conquered things bigger than boxing, things that can chew [Alvarez] Stand up and vomit him out. I have lifted my chin and got out of it,” Plant told Showtime’s “All Access” camera before the fight. “He knows what’s in front of him. He is just another person to me.

“He has gotten used to people coming in, just bowing to him, handing over the belt, and being happy for their checks or other things. I don’t care about it. It’s not why I am here or I fight.”

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To be fair, Plante’s small sample size at the highest level is as important as Alvarez’s sublime skills for his role as such a huge loser in this battle. But it is clear that Plant spared no effort in preparations during the entire process of this life-changing opportunity, and he fully believed in the unshakable confidence he possessed as a shield when talking about the challenges before him.

“All the adversities that Caleb has faced in his career, all the obstacles he has to overcome, are no longer a problem,” said Justin Gamber, a plant trainer. “He can overcome anything. This is the key to victory. As the fight approaches, you will see him become more and more stingy. I will describe Caleb’s mentality as a junkyard dog. This is how you become a boxer. What the world’s top boxer needs. You have to have skills, but you also have to have courage. That dog is on you.”

The dog in Plant experienced a series of personal ups and downs in the humble environment of Ashland, Tennessee. Plant’s mother, Beth, struggled with drug addiction, which made her childhood surrounded by poverty and despair even more difficult.

At the urging of his father Rich, Plant found an exit ring to vent the pain of boxing and used other parents to join hands to provide rope barriers.

“Boxing is really important to me. It has done a lot for me, and I think I will always owe the sport a debt,” Plante said. “The direction of my life is no turning back. There is no plan B. I want to see this. This is a one-way trip.”

Although a strong amateur career would bring an alternative position to the 2012 Olympic team, Plante never found himself in a prone position. In fact, personal tragedies will only continue to challenge his rise in the boxing team. When he participates in the National Amateur Championship, he will find that his newborn daughter, Arya, is going downhill.

In May 2013, Plant’s former partner Carman asked Briscoe-Lee to give birth to his daughter when Plante was 20 years old. It was soon discovered that Arya was born with brain abnormalities that caused hundreds of seizures a day. . In the series of painful months before her 20-month-old death, he will continue to join her bedside, including Plante’s promise that one day he will return as a professional world champion to commemorate her.

A bittersweet victory that day will come in 2019, when Plante defeated Jose Uzcategui twice and unanimously decided to win the IBF championship.

“I told her I would bring it to her, and that’s what I did,” Plante said. “You have lost someone. He has a different view of time. Don’t waste it here because it is valuable.”

However, three months later, when his 51-year-old mother drew a knife to a policeman in an ambulance and was shot and killed by a deputy after a tense confrontation, another tragedy in Plante’s personal life occurred. .

Although the difficult obstacles of a lifetime may break other people in his place, Plante chose to turn his pain into a continuous passion for the sport he has been engaged in all his life.

“I have been boxing for a long time, and the level is also very high. I have a lot of experience in high-pressure situations, whether in the ring or outside the ring, they help each other,” Plante said. “I Just waiting for the bell to ring so that I can show my true identity to these people and show [Alvarez] who am I. When everyone else thinks I am just a pusher, he will find out at the same time, and they find out that it is too late. ”

Only time will tell whether Plante’s choice to poke the Bears will ultimately help him win Saturday’s chance or hurt them. Either way, if necessary, he is ready to go out on a swing.

“November 6th is for me to raise my hand in any way necessary,” Plante said. “People say,’It’s necessary anyway’, but I have to do it in any necessary way, anyway, just sitting here in front of this camera. So I know what it means.”

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