CAF President confirms that the National Cup will be held in Cameroon


The President of the African Football Federation (CAF) Patrice Mosepe confirmed on Tuesday that the African Cup of Nations will be held in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6 as planned, eliminating concerns that the postponed final may be postponed again. .

Earlier, Motsepe announced the news after meeting with Cameroonian President Paul Biya. Previously, people expressed the threat of a coronavirus outbreak caused by the lack of organization of the 24 teams, incomplete construction work, and the rapid spread of Omicron variants. Worry.

“I will be here on January 7 to watch the football match,” Motsepe told reporters. “I will watch Cameroon play against Burkina Faso on January 9th (the first match between). I will also go to see when the trophy will be handed over.”

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Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, European clubs (most players in the tournament regularly participate in competitions) are concerned about healthcare arrangements.

Motsepe previously confirmed the strict testing measures for players and staff, and added on Tuesday that spectators need to show a negative PCR test.

“We must always find problems and challenges, rather than avoid them. We must have confidence and belief that we can overcome them,” he said.

“If there is no (negative) PCR test, no one will be allowed to enter the stadium. We must protect the fans present. Of course, there will be people who worry about false tests, but we are dealing with these issues.

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“As Africans, we must have confidence and conviction in ourselves. We must have confidence and conviction that we can host a very successful National Cup in Cameroon.”

Cameroon was initially awarded the right to host the 2019 finals, but when CAF found that the Central African country was not ready, the game was transferred to Egypt.

Then it was handed over to the 2021 tournament, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament has been postponed for 12 months.


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