BKFC 19 – Paige VanZant vs. Rachel Ostovich: battle prediction, cards, start time, PPV price, flow

After she abandoned her decision to compete against British Hart in the hyped bare-knuckle fighting tournament debut in February, former UFC star Paige VanZant thought she had adapted to the learning curve and could play The comeback on Friday shined brightly.

VanZant (MMA 8-5, BKFC 0-1) will make pay-per-view headlines at BKFC 19 at the Tampa Bay Florida Outdoor Market when she faces former UFC opponent and bare-handed rookie Rachael Ostovich (4- 5 MMA).

Van Zandt said at the last press conference on Wednesday: “I am very excited now because I have experience with naked boxing after the first match.” “I think I really won in the fifth round. I gained momentum, and then I entered this round. Obviously, Rachael and I are common opponents back to UFC, and now this is a completely different sport. Between the two of us, there are 100 you should listen to and watch this battle s reason.”

The 27-year-old Van Zandt submitted Ostovic in the second round of the UFC in January 2019, although Ostovic insisted that she scored a blow between the two in that game. However, the recent loss to Hart forced Van Zandt to change her training style in order to realize the financial investment BKFC tried to use PVZ as a promotional face.

After working with UFC veteran and current BKFC boxer Thiago Alves to formally train for her naked boxing debut at the top American team MMA gym in South Florida, VanZant decided to participate in a boxing-centric training camp . She moved to Luna Boxing in Miami under the guidance of Cuban coach Pedro Diaz, who had coached Miguel Cotto and Guillermo Guillermo Rigondeaux and others won the boxing world championship.

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Van Zandt said: “This gives me the confidence to have such a coach in my corner and a coach who believes in me.” “My confidence lies in the training he prepared for me. I think I am a more complete boxer. It’s not just a mixed martial artist who is boxing.”

Hart married veteran combat sportsman and current BKFC heavyweight Joey Beltran at a press conference on Wednesday, and he also returned in the joint main game with Jenny Savage on Friday. If she wins, the arrogant Hart is likely to face the winner of VanZant-Ostovich, and will be placed directly on PVZ’s hole card after beating her very outspoken.

Ostovich entered her BKFC debut and got a new start in UFC with a score of 3-4, including three consecutive losses, seeing her being promoted and released.

“Page is definitely a big motivation for me,” Ostovic said. “We are both good foils for each other. I think we will bring a lot of tenacity and excitement. This is not a rematch, because this is a different sport, but I still want to prove what I have. I want to prove Opponents think we belong here, even though we seem strange.

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Battle card

  • Paige VanZant vs. Rachel Ostovich, women’s featherweight
  • British Hart vs. Jenny Savage, Women’s Featherweight
  • Arnold Adams vs. Mick Trier, heavyweight

View information

  • date: July 23 | location: Florida State Fairgrounds-Tampa, Florida
  • Starting time: 8 p.m. EDT
  • TV: PPV ($39.99) | stream: Fitt TV ($39.99)


VanZant is not wrong, she believes she ended her BKFC debut against Hart as a fresher and more dominant fighter. Although she should certainly lose this decision, PVZ seems to figure out the distance and exact type of punch required to succeed in this new adventure.

Expect her to use this experience to form a circle around Ostovich. VanZant is faster and looks smoother in the training video that appeared before the game.

Pick: VanZant via UD5

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