Australia’s Usman Khawaja surpassed Sydney’s temporary role

Although Usman Khawaja is ready to replace Travis Head in the Ashes Test against England for the fourth time, the veteran Australian batsman hopes that he will not become a stopgap this year. After testing positive for COVID-19, Hyde will miss the Sydney game starting on Wednesday, while Kavaja will participate in his first test in more than two years.

Khawaja knew that Hyde’s 152 games victory in the Brisbane opener set the tone for Australia’s unassailable 3-0 lead in the series, and he is likely to regain his seat in the final test in Hobart. , But he believes he can still contribute to Australia.

“This is one of them. Even if I participate in the competition, I can only play one game,” Khawaja told Cricket Australia (CA).

“I understand this situation… I hope I can play without’Heady’ and score 100 and do a good job for the team.”

“Even if this does not happen, there are still a lot of cricket matches to be played,” he said.

Australia will visit Pakistan from March to April, and Kawaja hopes to become a member of the team.

“I might play a game for Australia here, but even if it doesn’t happen, I know there are still a lot of crickets in the subcontinent and I think I am very suitable.

“I just lowered my head to make sure that I really work hard and do my best for Australia whenever I have the opportunity.”

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If he does this in Sydney, despite missing the first three games of the series, the Queensland captain still has the confidence to make the most of it. “It’s always better when you finish the game. I haven’t played for about a month now, but it shouldn’t take too long. If I play and then go out, play for half an hour and then enter, I should find sync again. “

Khawaja turned 35 last month and said that he feels he is healthy enough to move on.

“In my mind, I still feel that I am still young. As long as it is there, I have sparks, as long as the body can hold it… I will continue to play this game.”

The Australian cricket team confirmed that all players and support staff returned negative COVID-19 results in Friday’s tests.

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