Australian cricketers will be fully vaccinated by the end of November

The Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Cricket Association (CA) Nick Hockley said that all professional cricketers in Australia have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and will be fully vaccinated by the end of this month.

By September, players on national contracts had been fully vaccinated, and 97% of domestic players had received a second dose of vaccine.

“Everyone showed excellent leadership,” Hawkley said Associated Press.

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“We vaccinated 100% of international male and female players. Then we vaccinated 100% of the first dose of vaccines for domestic competition teams. There was a large educational program, and our medical consultants held seminars for staff and players. Yes. This is the symptom for the entire past 18 months.”

Hawkley is thankful that they don’t have to introduce vaccine regulations for players, and because of the vaccination rate, the idea is “almost irrelevant.”

Todd Greenberg, chief executive of the Australian Cricket Association, said he is proud of these players, who “clearly understand their responsibilities.”

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In the past few months, Australia has seen frequent anti-vaccination rallies, but in New South Wales, the most populous state, nearly 90% of eligible people have been fully vaccinated. In the capital Canberra, this proportion is close to 95%.

Victoria was the first state to compulsorily vaccinate athletes in October. The state has dozens of professional football, cricket, Australian rules and rugby teams, and its capital Melbourne hosts the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament.

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