Ashes: Ben Stokes is back with some thoughts on cricket


England all-around player Ben Stokes is looking for some new perspectives after returning to cricket after six months of absence due to a finger injury and mental health issues.

In the second Ashes Test conducted in Adelaide, Stokes scored 25 points with a score of 3-113, which was part of England’s 150-point shooting game on the court in the first two days. England will resume the game with a score of 17-2 on the third day of Saturday in response to Australia’s announcement of 473-9.

“These are two difficult days,” Stokes told the Associated Press of Australia. “It’s never ideal, but when you get a deep understanding of your game’s purpose, you have to love the soil.” Stokes also took a broader view of the struggle in England, noting that in Tasmany on Thursday The tragic jumping castle accident in Asia resulted in the death of five children.

“The reason Australians wear black armbands today is their perception of many things,” he said.

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Stokes is optimistic about his return.

“I like every minute of it,” he said. “Getting off the court and wearing the Three Lions uniform is a great feeling to be a cricket player.” Stokes defended England’s first-day bowling tactic at the Adelaide Oval, which revolved around continuous Short bowling.

“This is just trying to create a different type, not energy, but a different type of environment for the batter,” Stokes said on Friday.

“When you try to run in and make 11 short shots, it looks really strange. But the first few spells I think it creates a lot of opportunities.” Australia, with Ashes, won Brisbane with nine wickets. The first test. The third of the five tests in the series started on December 26 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


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