Ashes 2021, second test: England 236 people go all out, Australia leads 282 people after the third day


A milestone in Mitchell Starc’s day and night test competition allowed Australia to command the second Ashes Test. The home team led with 282 points on the third day and held nine wickets.

England surrendered 150-2 and went all out with 236 points in response to Australia’s announcement of a total score of 473-9 in the first game.

Australia captain Steve Smith decided not to perform follow-up action, and then the home team defeated the opponent 45-1 on Saturday, David Warner ran out after being confused in the center.

The opener under pressure Marcus Harris survived the lights and key 17 games, unbeaten in 21 games with Michael Nessel (2).

Australia remained unbeaten in the eight pink ball tests, partly because of game management and partly because of skill. A lot of day and night expertise can be attributed to Starc.

No pitcher likes to use the pink ball like a left-hander. He won 4-37 in the first game of the Adelaide Oval. His current record is 50 wickets — 18 ahead of the next best Josh Hadswood — and an average of 18.10 in the day and night tests.

“We have performed eight tests and (six times) have performed some extravagant tests here,” Starc said. “I don’t think I have done it. But we all have a specific plan.”

Highlights of Ashes 2021, Australia’s second test against England: Australia leads 45/1 on the stump on day 3 and leads 282

Cameron Green also had an impact on Australia with a score of 2-24 on Saturday, claiming Qorut’s key wicket and ending the 138 games between the England captain and David Demaran.

Green defeated Root twice in the lead games to catch up to his advantage with 62 points, and then Stark allowed Malan to score 80 points after 6 turnovers.

Root is the world’s number one test batter. He is the second test captain to score more than 1,600 times in a calendar year-1,606 times in 2021, second only to South African Graeme Smith’s 1,656 times in 2008.

However, after Adelaide’s 62 points and England’s 89 points in the second inning when England lost nine wickets in the Brisbane Opener, he has never achieved a century of test in Australia.

Malan scored 80 and 82 points in the past two test matches. He said after Saturday’s match: “This is a big run…Hundreds of matches have allowed you to win the test matches.”

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“In the last test match, both ourselves and Rooty were able to score hundreds of points, but we didn’t do it,” Malan said. “We are in the same position here. This is something we need to do better… if someone comes in, to make sure we get those one hundred or so.”

After claiming Rory Burns’s wicket under the lights on Friday night, Stark also let Jos Butler out as part of England’s 4-19 match of 18 games.

For goalkeeper Butler, this continued a terrible game. He twice gave up century maker Marnus Labuschagne (Marnus Labuschagne), including after the 21st, he continued to throw 103 points.

Australia’s Nathan Lyon (Nathan Lyon) also has a lot of influence, leading 3-58 on the course where England chose not to use a professional spinner.

Australia may now try to continue the game before Sunday’s Twilight game and then leave England for the best part of the four games to save the game.

Losing to England in Adelaide will put the visiting team behind 2-0 in the series and will need to win all the remaining three tests to regain the ashes.


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