Ash shock can stimulate young England batsman-Graham Thorpe

Assistant coach Graham Thorpe said that England’s young batsmen were “a wake-up call” by Australia in the Ashes Series and must use it to start their careers.

England trailed 3-0 in the five-game series, and in the struggle against Australia’s excellent speed offense, no batsman scored for a century. But Thorpe, who has scored more than 6,000 in 100 tests for England, said the players have already begun to solve their problems.

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“For some players, this is a wake-up call that can actually kick off their careers because they start training in a very different way. They don’t waste time making faults and hitting half volleys,” Thorpe told the UK media.

“They encountered some very good bowling attacks. They were able to observe them a little bit and see where some of their fatal weaknesses were. They had to face the reality.”

Thorpe said that the batsman must adapt to the requirements of the cricket game, which he described as “10 times harder” than the domestic game.

“County cricket is like this. You have to take the players out of there and then educate them on international cricket. When I look at batting in general, I try to teach the basics of the game,” Thorpe added.

“We are still working hard to educate some young people…to test the rhythm of the shot, the game conditions in the game, to do so for a long time. Some of them have not been able to do it. Some of them have different journeys. The place.”

Thorpe will be in charge of England during the fourth test in Sydney from January 5 to 9, while head coach Chris Silverwood is quarantined in Melbourne after a family member tested positive for COVID-19 .

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