AEW All Out: The 10 best games and moments that define CM Punk as the “world’s best” journey

Wrestling fans waited more than seven years to see CM Punk return to the wrestling ring.By Sunday night, the wait is over AEW All Out Pay Per View, Punk will face the rising young star Darby Alin in one of the biggest matches in AEW history.

Seven years is a long time. When the punk career ended in 2014, young men and women who could now drink legally were indulging in the final film of the upcoming Hunger Games quartet. Instead of the “Milk Box Challenge”, the Internet was still in that summer. Wrestling fans have been thinking about the magic of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, wondering if one of the top stars has really left forever.

Every year that follows has its own rumors about the return of punk, which is more rooted in fan hopes than any tangible evidence that a return is actually coming.

Then there was the first true national competitor of AEW and WWE products, which deprived punk of the fun found in wrestling. Suddenly, the prospect of punk wrestling became reality again. Two years after AEW was founded, punk finally appeared in the episode of AEW Rampage in Chicago on August 20, officially announcing that he would return to wrestling in front of audiences in his hometown.

The subsequent return, reaction, and perfect promotional video all immediately remind people that punk is as good as anyone in history in creating iconic professional wrestling moments.

As we prepare to begin the next era of punk career, let us review the opponents and moments that defined his already legendary career.

Breakthrough competition with Chris Hero

Although Punk’s early career was largely dependent on the time he faced or worked with Colt Cabana (his current best friend and fellow intern at Steel Domain), the competition that made Punk a must-see was his and Chris’s series of game heroes. Hero and Punk set up a spectacular competition at IWA Mid-South in Indiana, where they faced each other in the hottest competition to become VHS tape dealers and collectors, including nearly an hour of table, ladder, and chair competition And a 93-minute triathlon competition.

The competition between punk and heroes will become two important names during the indie wrestling boom, and will enable punk to stand out in the county’s competition with a long list of other future WWE stars.

Ring of Bloody Honor with Raven

Ring of Honor was launched in 2002 as a prestigious independent wrestling promotion, which further promoted the independence boom, because the promotion aims to gather the world’s best unsigned wrestlers to participate in top-down action performances . In 2003, Punk became the heel of promotion and had a long-term feud with Raven. Raven’s feud is a focus of the ROH show, allowing Punk to have more exposure to his straight-heel role, based on Punk’s actual lifestyle as a person who does not drink or take drugs. Raven has struggled with drugs and alcohol abuse. His past.

Punk and Raven will fight in a series of bloody competitions, including dog collar competitions and multiple competitions in steel cages. On a larger stage than he has so far, Punk proved that he can not only participate in fascinating wrestling competitions, but also has the skills to carry out the storyline as a character.

America’s first five-star game in seven years

Punk will continue to serve as one of ROH’s top stars for many years, eventually arguing with then champion Samoa Joe. The two participated in a three-game series, the first two games ended in a 60-minute tie, and then Joe won in the third game. What’s more striking about this competition is that in the first American game in seven years, veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer received five stars. The second game in a three-game series won this honor.

Punk Summer

Punk will sign a development agreement with WWE in 2005, and is preparing to end his ROH career in a game with ROH champion Austin Aries, dying in “Before Disgrace III”. Unlike the expected result, as Punk lost and continued his WWE career, Punk won the championship and began to wreak havoc in the ROH locker room and fans, vowing to take the title to WWE when he left, and even signed him WWE contract ROH champion. As we all know, Punk Summer is a crazy journey to end the career of punk ROH, combining the reality of his departure with unexpected twists, which were later re-examined during the infamous WWE punk.

First Money in the Bank won the WWE Championship

After being frustrated in WWE’s failed attempts to revive the ECW brand — including as an ECW champion with Punk — Punk eventually won WWE’s top event in the Money in the Bank competition at WrestleMania 24. Continue to honor the championship contract on Raw until Edge is arranged by Batista, then ran to the ring and hit his Go to Sleep finisher, winning his first WWE Grand Slam championship. It turned out that the title was almost unforgettable, lasted only 69 days, and then was forced to give up the title after Randy Orton attacked.

Fight for the World Heavyweight Championship with Jeff Hardy

On WrestleMania 25, punk won money in the bank for the second time. Once again, he will continue to successfully fulfill the contract, this time defeating Jeff Hardy to win the world heavyweight championship. This will cause punk to become a new era, returning to his competition with Raven in ECW, as he once again promotes his straightforward lifestyle while at the same time feuding with a man with a long history of drug abuse problems. This championship title will establish Punk as the main event player better than before, and the feud with Hardy will result in two championship titles and some unforgettable matches, nothing better than their SummerSlam 2009 TLC Main Event. Punk won the championship.

“Pipe Bomb” and John Cena’s money in the bank in 2011

In 2011, punk became increasingly frustrated with his time in WWE, just like in the summer of punk, he blurred the line between fantasy and reality. Before the Money in the Bank game against John Cena, punk released the so-called “pipe bomb.” In this promo, punk vented WWE fans, wrestlers and management, while vowing to win the WWE championship in the upcoming pay-per-view viewing, and then leave the company. The promotional film injected new vitality into WWE, attracted the attention of lost fans, and brought a new kind of unpredictability to WWE programs.

Punk and Senna continued to play arguably the best match of their careers at Money in the Bank, which made things better. Punk will win the championship, again unexpectedly when his contract is about to expire. Of course, he will sign a new agreement and continue to be a participant in the main event.

Be a champion in 434 days

Punk won the championship again in October 2011, beating Alberto Del Rio in the Survivor Series. This victory opened the longest championship title in modern WWE history, which lasted 434 days. This record will eventually be broken by Brock Lesner in 2018, but in an era when long championship titles are not common, this is an amazing achievement. Punk defended his title in front of many impressive opponents, and at the same time joined the new “supporter” Paul Hyman until his title was ended in the hands of the rock band of the Royal Battle in 2013.

The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak

Reducing Punk’s career to 10 compelling games, moments or achievements means skipping many important things. Punk’s operation as the leader of the Straight Edge Society or the competition with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar could easily make such a list. Nonetheless, a chance in the Mourner’s WrestleMania winning streak was a huge deal for Punk, especially considering that one of Punk’s biggest complaints about him in WWE was that he never had the opportunity to be the biggest on the wrestling calendar. Performance.

Punk and Undertaker played a classic at WrestleMania 29 and became the best game on this card. Punk did not get the honor of breaking Andertek’s legendary unbeaten record in wrestling mania-which will enter Lesnar the following year-but even if it did not become a major event, he consolidated his history in wrestling mania Status.

AEW returns from retirement

When Punk returned to Chicago in August, all the rumors and all the waiting were over. He quickly released a classic promo and explained that, in his opinion, on the day he left “Ring of Honor” to go to WWE, he had retired from professional wrestling, and now he is back to what he feels like A place where your passion will flourish. The old CM Punk magic is back, and we will see what he has in the ring in the All Out game on Sunday.

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