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It’s time for WWE to create the biggest event of the summer. SummerSlam will be held at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on August 21st. This marked a rare case of WWE’s pay-per-view viewing on Saturday, and it was also the first time WWE held SummerSlam in a football stadium.

Although the competition for this event has not yet been confirmed, things have begun to take shape. There are some big matches that are almost guaranteed to fail. John Cena returns to Money in the Bank to challenge the world champion Roman Reigns. The next night, another Hall of Fame member returned on his own. Bill Goldberg appeared on Raw and challenged WWE champion Bobby Leslie.

With WWE hosting a grand event in Las Vegas, things will continue to take shape in the coming days and weeks.

Let’s take a look at what we know-and what we expect from WWE SummerSlam.

WWE SummerSlam competition

WWE has not confirmed any SummerSlam games.

WWE SummerSlam forecast

World Championship – Roman Reigns (c) vs. John Cena: After Reigns successfully defended his title to Edge, Cena made a huge return in Money in the Bank and confronted Reigns. On Raw the next night, Senna clearly explained the reason for his return. Senna said Raines is an overexposure and overhype gimmick, from which he intends to win the global championship. After spending almost a year on top of the WWE mountain, Senna plans to bring Reigns back to Earth.

WWE Championship ——Bobby Leslie (c) vs. Goldberg: Lashley brushed shoulders with Kofi Kingston at Money in the Bank and re-established himself as a violent and dominant champion. After defeating Keith Lee on Raw the next night, Goldberg’s music was welcomed before he returned to WWE, and then announced to Rushley that “I’m the next one.” Goldberg, 54 years old, was dying as a performer, but he still drew a strong reaction from the audience. Lashley’s victory will continue to build on the best period of his career.

Original Women’s Championship – Nikki ASH (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley: When Nikki inserted her role at the end of an episode of Raw, Ripley and Flair were problematic women. She honored the Money in the bank contract to fix Flair and win the title. Assuming Nikki will not lose the title immediately, SummerSlam seems to face a triple threat. Without a woman participating, it seems that they will fade out of the picture.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bianca Belair (c) vs. Becky Lynch: Lynch has been making fun of her return for a long time, so that it is hard to imagine that this will not happen to SummerSlam. She has been participating in major events, and rumors about her return continue. It’s hard to imagine that Lynch won’t be included in the championship show immediately, and the original pictures are a bit full, and Bel Air didn’t have a clear “right” challenger to participate in this year’s biggest show, which may be the right way to play WWE. Of course, unless Lynch doesn’t come back, or somehow blends into Raw’s picture.

U.S. Championship – Sheamus (c) vs. Damian Priest: Priest questioned Sheamus’s despicable tactics against Humberto Carrillo and others, and things seemed to be moving towards a big plan, placing two big men in the ring and playing an ideal middle card game to achieve pay-per-view.

Original doubles champion – AJ Styles & Omos (c) vs. Randy Orton & Riddle: Orton has been away from TV for a while, but WWE seems to be fully committed to the chemistry he and Riddle developed. Styles and Omos are becoming an interesting behavior that requires interesting challengers, and competing with Viking Raiders is not like the SummerSlam plan. This is an ideal tag match for a large SummerSlam event.

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