2021 US Open: Stefanos Tsitsipas arouses the anger of fans and competitors for using the toilet for a long time

Considering what happens there, people are usually very sensitive to the rules of bathroom etiquette and will not be kind to those who violate these rules. An unwritten rule of using the toilet is to do what needs to be done without taking too long-a player at the US Open seems to have violated this.

Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas (Stefanos Tsitsipas) has become the subject of ridicule at the U.S. Open because fans and contestants alike were upset that he spent too much time in the toilet during the game. On Wednesday, in the game against Adrian Mannarino, Sisipas took an eight-minute toilet break between the end of the third set and the beginning of the fourth set.

Drew boos from the crowd, According to the Guardian.

The habits of Tsitsipas have been trending throughout the game. He won the anger of Andy Murray through restroom rest, Murray believes that this is a deliberate and deliberate overtime, the purpose is to give him a competitive advantage.

“When you play such a cruel game, you know that if you stop for seven or eight minutes, you will calm down,” Murray said. “You can prepare mentally for it as you want, but in fact, when you rest multiple times during the game, it does affect your body.”

Murray’s dissatisfaction was recognized by Mannarino and Sloan Stephens, who disputed the Grand Slam rules regarding restroom rest. Although the rules stipulate that players should spend “reasonable” time, what constitutes “reasonable” is very vague.

As far as he is concerned, Sisipas defended himself in the laughter of the crowd and claimed that he had done nothing wrong.

“I didn’t oppose them. I love the fans. But some people don’t understand. That’s it,” Tsitsipas said. “They don’t understand. They haven’t played a high level of tennis and can’t understand how much effort and difficulty it takes to do what we are doing. Sometimes we need a short break to do what we have to do.”

Tsitsipas eventually defeated Mannarino, allowing him to enter the third round.

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