2021-22 South Africa Trip to India: Top 5 in South Africa’s IND and SA Tests


A confident Indian test team that has recently achieved success overseas, traveled to South Africa to conquer its final territory, and won the first series championship in the Rainbow Country.

So far, only three tests have been won on South African soil, and Kohli’s India will seek to improve its record for Proteas and add a final feather to its test ceiling.

Here are the first five games between the South African sides

Johannesburg, 2006

With India’s first test victory on South African soil, youth and experience gathered. After Rahul Dravid (Rahul Dravid) decided to hit the ball first with a fast and resilient Wanderer, Sourav Ganguly scored the highest score with an undefeated 51 points and established a 44-point match with VRV Singh. The partnership brought India to a moderate 249 points in the final game.

Sreesanth’s 5/40 tied South Africa together with a trivial 84 in the first game of Johannesburg. -Reuters

A young and hot Sreesanth then defeated the host in South Africa by 84 points. With an easy lead of 165 points, VVS Laxman defeated the misery in the second game with a gritty 154 goals and 73 points, as India gave the hosts a huge goal of 402. Sreesanth reduced South Africa to 84 three times in advance, and then Ashwell Prince’s 50 points extended the game to the penultimate day. India needed five wickets. Zaheer Khan and Anil Kumble effectively shortened the low-level resistance as India ran home with 123 points.

Score: India 249
(Ganguli 51*, Pollock 4-39, Nitini 3-57) And 236 (Laxman 73, Zahir 37, Pollock 3-33) Beat South Africa 84 (Sreesanth 5-40) And 278 (97 Prince, Kumble 3-54, Sreesanth 3-59) Run by 123 times.

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Johannesburg, 2018

After the first two frustrating defeats, India showed determination to beat South Africa in its own game in the third and final test. India was eliminated at a dangerous wanderer wicket on the opening day. Half-century Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli made a consumable counterattack, while Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s 30 led the low-level counterattack. Jasprit Bumrah eliminated the noise in his test selection with a score of 5 to 54 and saw the host surrender with a score of 194.

Mohammad Shami surpassed the others with an amazing return of 28 points and 5 points, as India defeated South Africa with a 63-game winning streak. -Getty Images

Relying on its courage and determination on the court where safety was questioned, India defeated South Africa by a score of 247 in the second game and defeated South Africa by a score of 241. Just as the devastated and scarred Dean Elgar was building a threatening 119 alliance with Hashim Amla to lay the foundation for the series sweep, The Indian rhythm quartet roared in unison and scored 9 wickets in 53 runs. Mohammad Shami surpassed the others with a stunning return of 5 to 28, as India defeated South Africa with 63 robberies.

India 187 (Kohli 54, Pujara 50, Rabada 3-39) and 247 (Rahane 48, Kohli 41, Bhuvneshwar 33) Beat South Africa 194 (Amla 61, Philander 35, Bumrah 5-54, Bhuvneshwar 3-44) And 177 (Elgar 86*, Amra 52, Shami 5-28) Passed 63 runs.

Durban, 2010

After a disastrous defeat in Centurion’s first test, India tied the series with an 87-game winning streak. Inserting the green top, India’s bouncing and athletic woes stand out because Dale Steyn’s 50 points on 6 shots limits India to 205 points. However, this visitor tied South Africa to 131 in less than two classes with Zaheer Khan’s vicious swing and Harbhajan Singh’s cunning. After a stable start in the second game, India quickly scored four shots with 56 points. Due to poor shot selection, India lost three wickets in 12 games.

Laxman’s 96 points helped India set a target of 303 points for South Africa.

VVS Laxman scored 96 points, which was his highest test score against Proteas and was the last man to lead the Indian team with 302 points. Before Khan and Sreesanth roared with threats, South Africa responded with a 63-point opening. Everyone chose three wickets to give India a second victory in the Rainbow Country.

India 205 (Steyn 6-50) and 228 (Laxman 96) Beat South Africa 131 (Habajan 4-10) And 215 (Sreesanth 3-35, Zaheer 3-57) Run by 87 times.

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Johannesburg, 2013

A dramatic test seems to be expected to achieve historic results, until the dying moment of the game finally gradually turned into an inexplicable draw. After the two sides completed the first game, India led by 36 points, laying the foundation for an exciting game. Kohli conducted his second test hundred overseas, bringing India to the 280 battle, while the speed trio provided high-intensity spells to stop the host.

Although Kohli and Pujara have stood for centuries in any game, AB de Villiers and Faf du Plessis threatened to win for South Africa. -Getty Images

Pujara broke his first overseas tonnage, and Kohli and Kohli took India to a 421 lead in the second game. Facing a record 458 chases, South Africa needed 320 runs to win 8 wickets to enter the final day. A draw is the best choice. Faf du Plessis and AB de Villiers scored hundreds of people, and because the game started, the hosts needed to run 56 times from less than 10 pitches. However, after both of them needed 16 runs and left three wickets, Vernon Ferrand and Steyn blocked the three-pointer, and then the latter cleared the ropes for the final 6 goals, which almost There is no relief from the frustrating, booing crowd of homeless people.

India 280 (Coli 119, Filander 4-61) and 421 (Pujara 153, Kohli 96) Draw with South Africa 244 (Smith 68, Filand 59, Ishant 4-79, Zahir 4-88) And 450 for 7 (Du Plessis 134, De Villiers 103).

Cape Town, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar scored his last test of 100 players, and Jacques Kallis achieved better results in both games as India equalized and avoided losing the series for the first time in South Africa. Throwing into the batting, South Africa suffered several early blows before Calis hit 161 innings, bringing the hosts to 362.

Another firm response from the opposition camp was Tendulkar’s grafting of 314 goals with 146, including an exciting duel with Steyn, while Gautam Gambhir’s provocation 93 gave India a lead in the first two games. After Harbhajan Singh (Harbhajan Singh) won the championship with the highest result, Callis and the defender together raised South Africa from 98 points to 5 points, allowing India to chase 340 points on the final day. Gambhir and Rahul Dravid defended the fort after Sehwag was prematurely fired to ensure that India entered the final game with only two wickets. Tendulkar and VVS Laxman made further progress with a score of 19.3 after Gambhir was fired early after Tea. The spoils were shared, and India tied the score 1-1.

Tendulkar stepped forward and ushered in his 51st and final test century in Cape Town. -Getty Images

South Africa 362 (Kallis 161, Amla 59, Sreesanth 5-114) And 341 (Kallis 109*, Boucher 55, Harbhajan 7-120) Draw with India 364 (Tendulkar 146, Gambhir 93, Steyn 5-75) and 166 to 3 (Gambier 64).


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