Winter cold snap and energy cost inflation: MRA provides tips and advocates for action because high prices squeeze homeowners – QNT Press Release

Portland, Oregon., January 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRNewswire/ – The sudden drop in temperature and the sharp rise in heating costs have caused homeowners across the United States to Canada Seek relief and long-term solutions.

According to sources such as Bloomberg News, the largest increase in energy costs in more than a decade has made it much more expensive to heat houses this winter. Coupled with the fact that many areas have experienced sub-zero temperatures, homeowners who want to stay comfortable without breaking the bank feel a lot of pressure.

Part of the solution to cope with violent fluctuations and unpredictable increases in household energy costs includes home renovations designed to have the greatest long-term impact to help continue to reduce utility bills. Leading experts from trade organizations such as the Metal Roof Alliance (MRA) said that homeowners would better consider improving their houses, not only in winter, but also to reduce energy use throughout the season. This is because although homeowners have experienced the pain of rising energy costs this winter, there are few signs that things will get better this summer.

“Choosing better-performing materials and installation methods can increase efficiency. For example, high-quality metal roofs can have a significant impact on controlling energy costs, while making the house more comfortable and resilient in the long run…

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