Wilton Manor Commissioner Gary Resnick won the 2021 Autonomous Hero Award from the Florida City League

Wilton Manor, Florida, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Florida Cities Alliance, the voice of unity Florida Municipal government, recently recognized commissioner Gary Resnick For his hard work and advocacy efforts during the 2021 Legislative Session, he won the 2021 Autonomous Hero Award.

“This year, more than 60 proposed legislation threatened preemption,” said Commissioner Resnick. “Home Rule is so important to our residents and the work we do at the local level. Since every city is unique, topics such as short-term rentals, home-based businesses, and broadband services, should be governed by local leaders elected to Serve every municipality.”

Local autonomy is the ability of a city to solve local problems through local solutions with minimal state intervention. The 2021Home Rule Hero Award recipients are local government officials, both elected and nonelected, who consistently responded to the League’s request to reach out to members of the legislature and help give a local perspective on an issue.

“This year’s winners performed well during the 2021 Legislative Session,” said the FLC Director of Legislative Affairs Casey Cook“They have made extraordinary efforts, actively participated in and carried out effective advocacy work. Despite the challenges this year due to the pandemic, they have come forward. They approached legislators, shared their stories, and Give their voices and it worked. On behalf of the Alliance and its legislative team, I sincerely thank this year’s winners and thank them for their services.”

Commissioner Resnick also won the Autonomous Hero Award from 2016 to 2020 and 2012 during his tenure as mayor. Wilton ManorCommissioner Resnick was appointed as a member of the Executive Committee of the Florida Cities Alliance in 2020 to help guide the Alliance’s continued success in all activities and projects. He has served on Wilton Manor City Council since 1998, including 10 years as mayor (2008-2018), and has served on the Florida City League Board of Directors and Legislative Advocacy Committee since 2003.During the mayor, Resnick served as the mayor’s chairman National League of Cities (National Library) Information Technology and Communication (ITC) Federal Advocacy Committee, now serves on the NLC’s Board of Directors, Legislative Advocacy Committee, and Legal Advisory Committee. Resnick served as the former chairman and currently serves as the treasurer of the Broward City Alliance (BLOC) and serves as the chairman of the BLOC Legislative Advocacy Committee.He is a shareholder and a practicing lawyer Gray Robinson Law Firm Chairman of the company’s communications broadband business.

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Wilton Manor Designed by Edward John “Ned” Willingham in 1925, he is from Georgia, As a high-end residential community. It was recognized as a village in 1947 and incorporated into the city in 1953. Nowadays, Wilton Manor Provides all the benefits of a big city, from shopping to stylish restaurants and bars, an emerging arts community, but still maintains a comfortable community atmosphere, provides miles of natural waterways, perfect for kayaking, paddle surfing and other outdoors activity. In 2018, Wilton Manor Was named “the second gay city” United States, Celebrating a diverse population of approximately 12,000 residents.Learn more about life, work and entertainment opportunities Wilton Manor Call (954) 390-2100 or visit www.wiltonmanors.com.

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The Florida City League was established in 1922 to Florida City Hall. Its goal is to promote local autonomy and meet the needs of the people. Florida Cities are formed and managed by their citizens.The alliance believes that “local voices make local choices”, focusing on the impact of citizens and city leaders on improving the environment Florida community.For more information, please visit fcities.com.

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