When the FDA considered reducing nicotine in cigarettes, Demeetra AgBio announced that it could produce harm-reducing tobacco products through gene editing

Precision gene editing in tobacco is being applied to the manufacture of harm-reducing nicotine products

Lexington, Kentucky., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – at FDA confirmation It is considering reducing the nicotine in cigarettes to non-addictive levels globally, Demeetra AgBio, Inc.A preclinical therapy development, agbio and genetic engineering company, today announced that its proprietary gene editing platform Cas-CLOVER™ can be used to produce harm-reducing tobacco products and therapeutic cannabinoids In one function Medical news with CRISPR.

“We just touched the surface that our gene editing platform can unlock”, said Jack Crawford, CEO

The policy that the FDA is considering may involve gradual reduction of nicotine levels in cigarettes until they reach non-addictive levels. It is worth noting that the Nobel Prize-winning gene editing platform CRISPR/Cas9 cannot be licensed to produce tobacco products for human consumption. In contrast, Demeetra provides commercial freedom to use its proprietary Cas-CLOVER platform in agriculture and bioprocessing, where it can be deployed in the tobacco and hemp industries.

“We just touched the surface that our gene editing platform can unlock”, said Jack Crawford, CEO

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What is Cas-CLOVER? Cas-CLOVER, the “clean alternative to CRISPR/Cas9” is the cornerstone of Demeetra’s gene editing technology platform. Using Cas-CLOVER can enhance target specificity and lead to fewer unwanted off-target mutations.

“Demeetra has exclusive rights to Cas-CLOVER in the fields of bioprocessing and agriculture, and has internationally issued intellectual property rights,” said Mr. Crawford. “This is very simple for us and our partners-a license provides commercial FTO. We can also provide exclusivity based on crops or goals,” he added.

The FDA and public health stakeholders have recently expressed their willingness to take drastic measures to deal with the health effects of tobacco combustibles and announced a complete ban on menthol cigarettes (30% of the market). Demeetra’s gene editing technology can solve several key problems, including reducing carcinogens and providing a biological process that gradually reduces nicotine in cigarettes.

Demeetra AgBio opens up licenses and services to modify any tobacco variety, variety or other crop using its precise gene editing technology.For more information, please contact Demeetra’s business development team, Workdom team [email protected]

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