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Wes Barefoot teaches people how to control their lives and achieve freedom through corporate ownership. As a franchise consultant, he helps people understand franchise and determine if it is suitable for them.

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What mission is important to you?

Barefoot said his mission is to help people achieve and maintain freedom in life by becoming entrepreneurs. Freedom Trail focuses on helping people transition to franchise ownership, helping anyone who wants to learn more about the franchise world.

How did you start your career?

Weiss said he regressed to franchising. Wes was recruited by an up-and-coming franchise company in the service industry. There, he learned how franchise should work and the many benefits that franchise ownership can bring. Wes holds a franchise sales and development position, where he guides potential franchisees through a thorough due diligence process and understands how franchise opportunities should be investigated. This experience allowed Wes to work for another franchisee, where he took over their franchise development work and helped the company double the size of the franchise network in two and a half years.

By working for Franchisor and helping many others realize their dream of owning a business, Wes and his wife learned that they also wanted to become business owners. They invested in their first franchise business in 2017 and have since developed it into a successful seven-figure business.

Due to the success of his first franchise and the positive impact of business ownership on his life, Barefoot founded Path To Freedom as a franchise consulting company, where he can help others learn what he has learned. Freedom Trail is a platform where Wes can help people take a methodical approach to solving an overwhelming process for most people. Since the creation of Freedom Trail, Weiss and his wife have invested in a second franchise business, which now makes them multi-brand/multi-unit franchise owners across two states. Barefoot said he and his wife plan to continue investing in the franchise business, where they can build teams and delegate work to them, giving themselves time to engage in their own business instead of working in their business.

What attracted you to become a franchise consultant in the first place?

Barefoot’s work in the franchise field has helped many people open their own franchise stores. He said that he understands and appreciates the rhythm and process involved in franchising. Franchising is not for everyone, but there are many people who own and can benefit from having the right type of franchise. Unfortunately, many people have never considered franchise rights, or they look for franchise rights in the wrong way. Wes’ goal is to help people identify and investigate franchise businesses that are likely to be suitable for them, and help them achieve their goals. Wes’ process allowed him to truly understand the people working with him and match them with the appropriate franchise model. So many small business owners end up being run by their businesses, which is the opposite of why most people do business for themselves in the first place. The road to freedom aims to help people create more freedom for themselves by having the type of business that suits them.

Who do you think should invest in franchise rights?

Barefoot pointed out that many different types of people can participate in franchising, including those who have worked in the corporate field but have always wanted to be their own boss; those who are frustrated with the monotony of company life; and those who do not want to leave but do want to build something that can be sold in the future Senior managers of assets; as well as existing business owners who have experienced all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, they can easily adapt to franchising and diversification without having to dabble in new and unknown things. There are many types of franchise companies and various business models, and there are expectations for the role of franchisees. There is a franchise model available to anyone who is serious about starting their own business and sees the value of being part of a great franchise organization.

However, he pointed out that some people are not suitable for franchising. Some franchises have specific rules, and those who don’t want to work in the framework provided for them by others may not fully understand these rules. He said that for them, franchising may not be the answer, but for many others, it can.

What is the role of the freedom road?

Barefoot noticed that there are thousands of franchise companies in the world. He said that Freedom Trail ensures that customers know their goals, understand what is best for them, and have the tools they need to choose the right franchise for them. A dazzling selection.

Most importantly, Barefoot explained that his services are free to the people he consults. The establishment of his business model is to allow the franchise company he cooperates with to pay for his services, so that he can provide free consultation to the individuals he helps!

Freedom Trail also included brands on the shortlist to narrow down the range of customers looking for suitable products. As Barefoot begins to learn about the individuals he works with, he can use his knowledge of many cooperating brands to help them narrow the list. Barefoot’s process is centered on helping people identify franchise opportunities through the right business model to help them achieve their goals. From there, he provides extensive guidance when people conduct the due diligence process on the established franchise brand. Wes pointed out that it is an art to thoroughly investigate the franchise opportunity to determine its suitability. Too many people do not conduct due diligence in the right way… Freedom Path is about helping people investigate franchise businesses in the right way. Ultimately, provide people with the tools they need to find a great franchise business and prepare for success!

What are the types of franchising?

Barefoot said that many people strictly believe that franchising is a business in the food industry, but he pointed out that in the United States alone, there are more than 4,000 franchising opportunities today, many of which have nothing to do with the food industry. Car care, children’s education and services, health and wellness, advanced care, home improvement, etc. are also included, which may be better for those who are not interested in the catering industry, because capital investment can be steep. Barefoot suggests that choosing the right franchise opportunity is not just about the products or services provided by the company. It’s also about finding the right model for companies that are best suited to help someone achieve their goals.

How much capital do I need to invest in a franchise business?

He pointed out that in the United States, the franchise department is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, which requires franchisors to follow certain procedures and documents for filing. According to these regulations, all franchisees must give people an “estimated initial investment range”, which includes the initial franchise fees that must be paid to become a franchisee (currently, these fees are generally US$50,000-60,000 per franchise right) , And the expenses that may be incurred before opening; these expenses include real estate and infrastructure, inventory and equipment; and the working capital that franchisees should have on hand after opening. Barefoot pointed out that service-based franchising is usually almost unnecessary. Because of the low infrastructure and real estate demand, there are many good franchising opportunities, with total capital as low as US$100,000 to US$150,000.

One of the many benefits of investing in a franchise business is that no one should act blindly. Before committing to investing in franchise rights, a large amount of data can be accumulated and analyzed. If researched properly, franchisees should be very clear about how much money they need to open a franchise, and operate it until they can expect positive cash flow. Freedom Trail also provides guidance on financing strategies. There are many financing mechanisms that can be used to secure most of the funds required to invest in franchise operations.

Tell us more about the Freedom Trail podcast.

“Start podcasting immediately after the Freedom Trail begins,” Barefoot said. “This is not just about franchising; but there are also many successful entrepreneurs who come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds as guests. This is a platform for those who want to become business owners but don’t know how to start.”

“It can also help small businesses find ways to grow and become better, but don’t know the right path,” he explained. The goal of the podcast is to allow Barefoot to share his experience, as well as the experience of many other successful entrepreneurs, to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started and help existing business owners take their business to the next level.

The guests of the podcast include the founders of franchise companies, franchisees, executives, franchise fund organizations, and even successful entrepreneurs who have never engaged in any franchise in their lives. Barefoot said that the goal is to create a platform where people can learn from others on their own path of freedom and inspire listeners to create their own freedom.

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