Werribee Plumber Reveals Signs of Hot Water Problems and What to Do – QNT Press Release


MELBOURNE, Australia, March 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to the leading plumber Werribeewide, NLK Plumbing, the life expectancy of a hot water system depends on a range of different factors, including the quality of the water and environmental exposure. NLK Plumbing says there are some useful signs to look out for that indicate an issue with the hot water system.

NLK Plumbing explains that water from the hot water system should be clear. If it is murky, cloudy, or a rusty colour, this is a sign the system is failing. Sacrificial anodes are installed inside hot water storage tanks to preserve the structural integrity and prevent rusting . NLK Plumbing says these anodes need to be replaced about every five years, otherwise the tank will begin to rust and can pose a significant health risk.

If homeowners find the hot water isn’t consistently hot or the thermostat has to be changed regularly, this is a sign …

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