Vyne Dental acquires Operation, LLC and its patient communication and participation platform OperaDDS


Indianapolis, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Wien Dental® is a leading provider of revenue cycle, claims management, and electronic health information exchange for dental clinics of all sizes. The company announced that it has acquired Operation, LLC and its OperaDDS patient communication and participation platform.

Has more than 14,000 combined users United States, OperaDDS facilitates end-to-end information transmission between dental clinics, providers, and patients through automated email, two-way text messaging, custom paperless forms, and encrypted email services.

OperaDDS will automatically send appointment reminders, new or expired electronic forms, and other important communications from dental providers to dental patients via SMS or email. In addition to sending customized paperless forms via SMS or email to fill out, OperaDDS also allows patients to quickly fill out these forms on the clinic website or in the clinic via a tablet or self-service terminal.

Dr. Brian Calculator, Founder MinneapolisBased on Operation, LLC, joined Vyne Dental as a strategic consultant to ensure the continued success of OperaDDS as it is paired with Vyne Dental solutions, including Vyne Trellis.

Vyne Dental recently released Vyne Trellis(™), a web-based comprehensive dental billing platform designed to help dental clinics improve and manage their revenue cycle, exchange encrypted health information, and determine patient insurance eligibility and benefits in real time Coverage level.

Pairing Vyne Trellis with OperaDDS creates a unique integration between the traditional income cycle and patient engagement workflow in the dental field. The goal is to enhance the relationship between dental practice and dental patients through strong patient interaction and participation.

“In the past year, Vyne’s Dental’s mission was to become the leading supplier of dental fully automated revenue cycle management solutions,” said Steve Roberts, President of Vyne Dental. “Through the previous acquisitions of Renaissance Electronic Services, LLC, Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC, DSO Data, and now this exciting new technology, we are one step closer to achieving this goal.”

OperaDDS was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to improving the dental industry by embracing technology and putting patients first.

“I am passionate about helping doctors develop their practices and improve their patient satisfaction by embracing technology,” said Dr. Laskin, a practicing dentist, technologist, and entrepreneur. “The innovations of OperaDDS are being used by thousands of dental clinics across the country. Through this integration, I believe we will be able to solve the most important patient participation and revenue cycle challenges in dentistry.”

Roberts said that the acquisition of Operation, LLC further makes Vyne Dental an industry leader in end-to-end information exchange and communication management solutions for healthcare. Vyne Dental currently helps more than 74,000 dental clinics manage their income cycles, send encrypted communications, and enable their clinics to flourish.

For more information about Vyne Dental, please visit www.vynedental.com/.

For more information about OperaDDS, please visit https://operadds.com/.

About Vyne Dental

Vyne Dental is part of the Vyne series of leading information exchange and communication management solutions for the healthcare industry. Vyne Dental helps clients manage their revenue cycle, send encrypted communications, and make their practice flourish. The Vyne Dental solution provides greater operational efficiency, financial performance, and better data protection for more than 73,000 dental clinics in the United States, and it also cooperates with more than 750 dental plans and payers to deliver claim documents electronically.

Vyne Dental continues to grow and develop, and is always committed to improving the work process, reducing management costs and improving reimbursement by providing innovative solutions to promote the development of the dental industry.

For more information, please visit vynedental.com.

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