Victory & Noble, a storytelling company, launches a new show “Completing the Deal” for the first time

West Hollywood, California, June 9, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Victory & Noble (V&N), a global storytelling and media company, has launched a new podcast show “Complete the Deal” (GDD). Tori Reid, executive producer of the show and CEO of V&N, said: “Like the rest of the world, we have to change direction in 2020 because COVID-19 changed our destiny overnight. The mantra of the show is’Change the system. Change power. Change the world, one transaction at a time.‘Because we understand that a better world begins with the stories we tell ourselves about our true identity. “

“Complete transaction” followed by success Victory and nobility Flagship Program, “Here is life“(HTL) features an intimate dialogue with idols and outliers who are global cultural makers Felicia Rashad, Nicki Giovanni And Walter Mosley. In the first quarter, HTL and Paris partner AfroBiz/WAN made their international debut in French and English, and had nearly 50 million screens (World Africa Network) And the visionary Amobé Mévégué. The most recent HTL episode pays tribute to the iconic Cecily Tyson, 2021 Kennedy Center winners Debbie Allen, Blair Underwood, Vanessa Williams, Tim Reid, Daphne Maxwelled and Bill Duke. The program has been broadcast in 21 countries including the United States, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Morocco and Martinique.

New show”Seal the deal“It showcases industry leaders, political insiders, and private sector changers who are forming new forms of power and ways of dealing in the world. V&N co-founder Patrick A. Howell and GDD host and creator pointed out, “ Just as the world emerged from the pandemic, a new norm will emerge in the 21st century.We will benefit by creating wisdom with power brokers as real estate experts William “Bill” Opasso, Los Angeles Mayor’s Chief of Staff Anna Guerrero and Tulsa Black Wall Street’s Clifton Talbot In our premiere episode.” Upcoming episodes We will introduce the leading emerging bank C3 Bank and its CEO AJ Moyer and Participant Media’s David Linde.

The success of V&N’s storytelling company was signed by the sponsoring partners as Vivreau water system, Los Angeles Book Review, with Hilton Hotels in California (Hilton Arden West) with Coast news Underwriting the expression of excellence, business passion and humanity.

Victory & Noble is committed to providing good news and inspiring media that are inspiring, entertaining, and create a positive collective consciousness for mankind.

Patrick A. Howell
Senior Vice President of Business Development
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