Vianode obtains building lease to accelerate and expand battery material production in Norway – QNT Press Release

Oslo, Norway, August 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Vianode, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elkem ASA, is committed to providing strategic growth opportunities for advanced battery materials. It has successfully implemented its industrial pilot in Kristiansand. NorwayIn order to make Viianode’s products enter the market faster, the company has signed a lease agreement to build an additional building in the Herøya Industrial Park in Porsgrunn. NorwayThe plan aims to shorten the time to start production and increase the overall production capacity of Viianode in the Herøya Industrial Park.

The building has been acquired through a lease agreement between Viianode and Herøya Industrial Park.

The building is located next to the site where Viianode plans to build a large factory, and aims to provide fast-track options to address strong customer needs and shorten time to market. The fast track factory will also represent a platform for further technology and process development.

“Our industrial pilot in Kristiansand, Norway It is now in operation, with an annual production capacity of more than 200 metric tons, which can be used for customer development of expanded equipment. At the same time, we are seeing the acceleration of the market driving the demand for large amounts of industrial production materials earlier than expected.Our goal in establishing a fast-track factory is to respond to this kind of customer demand,” said Chris York, Vice President of Vianode.

Herøya’s potential fast-track plant could add an additional 5,000 metric tons of production capacity, bringing the total output of Viianode in Herøya to approximately…

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