Vegums Conscience-launched in the U.S. to test U.S. vegan and plant-based dieters – QNT Press Release

Vegums is a fast-growing British vegan vitamin and supplement brand that will debut in the United States in January. It will include three Ve-ssentials gummies, vegan optimized multivitamins, fish-free Omega-3 and vegan iron.

Vegums, a multivitamin and supplement gummies suitable for vegans and those who adopt a plant-based lifestyle, announced today the launch of Vegums USA. Vegums was founded in 2018 by two British pharmacists, John Rushton and Abdul Sharief, to solve the vitamin and mineral deficiencies associated with the fast-growing vegan and plant-based lifestyle, and is actively committed to sustainability and animal welfare .

“As pharmacists, Abdul and I were unable to find a vitamin for our family that is truly dedicated to the vegan business, so we created one!” said John Rushton, co-founder of Vegums. “We have seen the rapid rise of vegetarianism and plant-based diets, coupled with great attention to the planet and animal welfare, we think this is a great opportunity. We are beginning to use our health, wellness and pharmacy skills to design vitamins and Not only supplements that contain completely vegan ingredients-these are not’suitable’ for junk!” He continued, “A vegan diet may mean that people lack certain nutrients, which in turn can lead to health problems, so we adjusted the levels. To make up for this. We are also very concerned about the planet and animal welfare on which we live, so we build our brand to give back to the future of the next generation. We believe that Vegums’ slogan “Conscience Test” best summarizes our entire spirit .”

Certified by the Vegetarian Association, Vegums Vitamin Gummy contains genuine, easy-to-master vegetarian ingredients. Citrus peel is used as a gelling agent instead of animal gelatin. Always use natural colors and flavors, and use unrefined sucrose where a bit of sweetness is needed to avoid the use of bone meal that is common in refining. “We have also embarked on the delicious fudge route-why not make vitamins easier to absorb and digest?” Rushton said. “Moreover, for adults and…

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