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Singapore, July 25, 2021 (Global News Service)-(Adopted Blockchain line) Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. It is also regarded as a serious business. Since the Middle Ages, people bet on winning gladiators during the Roman Empire, and this business has made great strides. However, such incidents will not have such “uncertain” results, because the owner of the gladiator may affect the game-this type of accusation is currently common on most betting sites.

So, how do you solve the problem of sports events being repaired and bettors suffer losses?Enter Chipz ecosystem, A decentralized blockchain-based betting platform that allows users to place bets and become their betting company. More importantly, Chipz is launching a public pre-sale, which will give away 5k worth of NFT to lucky users for use on Chipz’s new NFT market It is worth noting that the Chipz platform allows users to pledge their CHPZ. This pledged CHPZ is used as part of the liquidity pool. Users get 3% of their pledge value (in simple terms, users can use CHPZ to create more CHPZ). This is an exception to betting or betting in ordinary casinos or sports betting, where punters expect them to earn 3% of the value of their bets. Sounds cool, right?

You have been in the back seat for too long; now, you have the opportunity to sit in the front seat…

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