Two air pollution monitoring patents awarded to AirSpeQ, a company of fine and ultrafine particulate air pollution sensors – QNT Press Release

Berkeley, California, August 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRNewswire/ – Aerodyne Microsystems Inc dba AirSpeQ, a fine and ultra-fine air pollution sensor company headquartered in Berkeley, California I am pleased to announce that its innovative particulate matter (PM) air pollution quality sensor based on film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) has received two additional patents.

US patents 10,921,224 and 11,047,777 are the second group of two patents granted to the company. The company also has three patents pending.

Patent 10,921,224 is a system for detecting and analyzing particles in airflow, including an inlet, a particle concentrator, and a particle discriminator. A change occurs in at least one of the particle discriminators. The system may have a sheath gas stage, which includes a port for supplying sample air, at least one sheath gas inlet for supplying sheath gas, and a sheath gas combination area. The system may include an airflow compression stage with varying air passages that narrow as the airflow passes through the airflow compression stage to pre-concentrate particles in the interior area of ​​the airflow. The system may include an airflow expansion stage with air channels that are widened to slow…

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