TSX Risk Exchange Stock Maintenance Announcement – QNT Press Release

Vancouver, British Columbia, November 8, 2021 / CNW /-

Toronto Stock Exchange Venture Capital Corporation

Announcement type: cessation of trade order
Announcement date: November 8, 2021
Toronto Stock Exchange Venture Capital Corporation

The Securities Commission of British Columbia has November 5, In 2021, the following companies failed to submit the specified documents within the specified time:




Archive failed



(year month day)



Ashanti Sankofa Inc.

This interim financial report.


Management’s discussion and analysis of this period.


Proof of temporary documents during the period.


After the suspension of trading orders is revoked, the company’s stock will continue to be suspended until the company meets the requirements of the TSX Risk Exchange. During the suspension period or until further notice, members are not allowed to buy or sell the company’s securities.


ENEREV5 Metal Company (“COBC“)
Announcement type: name change
Announcement date: November 8, 2021
TSX Venture Capital Level 2 company

The company name is changed as follows. There is no capital integration.

Valid at the time of opening November 10, 2021, Enerev5 Metals Inc.’s common stock will begin trading on the TSX Venture Exchange, and Cobalt Blockchain Inc.’s common stock will be delisted. The company is classified as a “mining” company.


Unlimited shares with no par value, of which
220,647,118 shares issued and circulated



Transfer agent:

Toronto Stock Exchange Trust Company

Transaction symbol:

COBC (unchanged)

CUSIP number:

29290N107 (new)


Nuolong Resources Co., Ltd. (“No“)
Announcement type: tender offer (share purchase offer), revision
Announcement date: November 8, 2021
TSX Venture Capital Level 1 company

Following the TSX Venture Exchange Bulletin date is August 24, 2021, The offer has been extended and modified as follows:

Terms of the transaction:

BHP Western Mining Resources International Pty Ltd (the “Offeror”), a wholly-owned
A subsidiary of BHP Billiton Lonsdale Investments Pty Ltd, prepared a second
Notification of changes and extensions (“Second Notification of Changes and Extensions”)
Extension”) to issue a notice to extend the acceptance period
The offer dated July 27, 2021 (the “original offer”), as previously revised and
By the change notice dated October 21, 2021 (“First
Notification of Change”, together with the original offer, “Existing Offer”),
Purchase according to the terms and conditions of the existing offer,
All issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Noront Resources Ltd.
(Except for ordinary shares owned by the offeror or any of its affiliates), and
Any common stock that may be issued and circulated after that date
Original offer but before the expiry time of exercise, exchange
Or convert (i) options under an option plan, (ii) stock awards
Stock award schemes, (iii) warrants, or (iv) any other convertible securities, in a
Price of US$0.75 per common share of cash (“increased offer price”)

If all the conditions of the offer described in section 4 of the original offer,
The “conditions of the offer” have been met or waived if permitted
On or before the expiration of the initial deposit period, the offeror will
Subscribing to common stocks effectively deposited under the offer, but not properly
Withdrawal immediately after the expiry of the initial deposit period (and at any
Events not earlier than the expiry date of the initial deposit period) and will be paid
Raise the offer price of common stock as soon as possible
But in any case no later than three working days (according to the applicable definition
Canadian Securities Act). To avoid doubt,
The initial deposit period ends at the extended maturity time.

Questions and help requests can be directly contacted Kingsdale
Consultants, depositors and information agents, their contact information
Provide the back cover of the second change notice and
postpone.An additional copy of the second change notice and
Postponement, original quotation, forwarding letter and notification
Guaranteed delivery available for free upon request
Custodians and information agents, accessible on Noront
Resource Ltd.’s introduction to SEDAR on www.sedar.com.

New due date:

The offer has been extended and is now open until 7:00
November 16, 2021 in the afternoon (Toronto time) (“Expiry Time”), unless
The offeror further extends or withdraws the offer in accordance with the following provisions
Its terms.

Exchange procedure:

Shareholders who have effectively deposited but not withdrawn
Their common stock does not need to take any further action to accept
The offer may be accepted by shareholders and delivered to the depositary
At its office in Toronto, Ontario, the address is stated in the letter
The transmission file attached to the offer (printed on yellow paper) in order to
Received on or before the due time:

(a) A certificate representing ordinary shares,
The offer is accepted;

(b) A letter sent in the form accompanying the offer or manual
Fax, completed correctly and in
Follow the instructions in the transmission letter
(Including signature guarantee if required); and

(c) All other documents required by the terms of the offer and the transmission letter.

Alternatively, shareholders can accept the offer through (i) in the following manner
Procedures for book-entry transfer of ordinary shares specified in Section 3
Original offer, “Method of acceptance-book-entry acceptance
Transfer”, or (ii) follow the
Section 3 of the original offer, “Method of Acceptance-Procedure
Guaranteed delivery”, use the guaranteed delivery notice (printed in
With the purchase offer and circular (or
Fax performed manually).

A shareholder whose ordinary shares are registered in the name of a shareholder
Investment advisers, stockbrokers or other nominees should immediately
If the nominee wishes to accept the offer, please contact the nominee for assistance
In order to take the necessary steps to be able to deposit this common
Shares under the offer.Such nominees or other intermediaries may
The deposit cut-off time established before the expiry time.
If they wish, shareholders must notify their nominee immediately
Deposit their common stock.

Guarantee notice

deliver goods:

Guarantee delivery notice must be sent by courier, e-mail (with
Original) or mailed to the depositary’s office in Toronto, Ontario at
Guarantee the address specified in the delivery notice
Expiration time, and must include the guarantee of the eligible institution in the form
Set out in the guaranteed delivery notice.On behalf of all certificates
Deposit ordinary shares in an appropriate form for transfer, and attach a letter
Correctly completed transmission documents or manual faxes
And follow the instructions in the power of attorney appropriately
Delivery (including signature guarantee, if required) and all other documents
The terms of the offer and the requirements for the transmission letter must be
The depositary is
Transmission letter before 5:00 pm (Toronto time) of the third transaction
TSX Venture Exchange Trading Day (“Toronto Stock Exchange“) After the expiration time.

Disclosure documents:

The offer dated July 27, 2021, the first change notice dated October 21, 2021, and
The second notice of change and extension dated November 4, 2021 is
Available at www.sedar.com. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined are
Defined in the disclosure document.

Mandatory transactions and

Settlement rules:

As far as the extension of the expiry date is concerned, Previous transactions and
Cancel the following settlement rules:

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