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SINGAPORE, Nov. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —, the global travel agency, recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and to mark the occasion Grace DingHead of Customer Service, sat down for an interview to share how the customer service teams have adapted to huge changes in order to give the very best in customer experience at all times. From implementing new technologies to always making sure the teams are fully equipped to successfully deliver the best experience, we also take a look at what’s next for

Global Growth

While the last five years have seen the team increase by almost sevenfold around the world, Grace Ding is equally as proud of the expansion of the teams across 19 languages ​​and growing to 12 international locations.

The Edinburgh The centre has been a longstanding pillar of’s customer service, and has now been in operation for almost five years, enabling to deliver exceptional service worldwide. Five years later, the Edinburgh centre’s 5th anniversary celebrations come with continued global expansion – notably the expansion of the Manila service centre.

Grace explains the Manila hub as ‘a great collection of talent, with more than 500 skilled individuals with fantastic passion who are available 24/7 as part of’s global team’, and as continues to grow, so does the team.

Recognition for these great achievements came in the form of the Best Contact Center of the Year award at the recent Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium’s, 20th International Customer Relationship Excellence Awards.

Grace went on to express her thanks and explain that for the Customer Service team, this award recognises everybody’s efforts and will only encourage everyone to maintain a high-quality standard and effective delivery time for our global customers.

The Team

As celebrates its fifth anniversary, Grace reflects on her own history of working in a range of different roles and teams in Group over 17 years. She has led the development of’s customer service offering as it evolved out of its parent company Group.

When asked by new members of the team about what keeps her motivated, Grace explains that it is important to always maintain a wider perspective on whatever role she is in. And when stepping up into new positions to ensure she always has a greater understanding of both the business and the needs of its customers.

‘One important area that makes so different is that there is a lot of opportunity to grow,’ Grace explains. ‘Everyone wants to progress and develop their skill set. We always look to promote advisors, spotlighting success to ensure we continue to create great experiences for our customers.’

Creating a great internal culture while meeting the customer’s needs at all times is key across, one focus for the team is HEAT –’s customer service philosophy.

‘How we work and collaborate is all linked to HEAT, which stands for heartwarming, effortless, active and trustworthy. These four key words give us guidance on how we support the customer in the best way possible.’

As part of the HEAT initiative, Grace explains there are also eight further attributes created from global employee feedback, which are to be obsessed with customer experience, demonstrating integrity and fighting for excellence. It is also to make actions meaningful, to take accountability, to stay curious, to stay positive and never give up. Finally, the…

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