Toyota and KINTO aim to provide “cars that develop in harmony with people”

Toyota City, Japan, June 7, 2021-(JCN Newswire)-Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and KINTO Co., Ltd. (KINTO) today announced that they are based on common hope as technological innovation around automobiles is advancing rapidly To quickly provide customers with the evolution of cars, they took on the challenge of providing “cars that evolve in step with people”. The two companies started this work by offering the new GR Yaris “Morizo ​​Selection” through KINTO(1) starting today, which can be updated with the latest software tailored for each customer.

GR Yaris “Mori Three Selection”

In recent years, Toyota has cooperated with ROOKIE Racing(2) to greatly accelerate the speed of car development. Toyota President Akio Toyoda, as Morizo, even drove the steering wheel of GR Yaris to participate in the Super Hurry Series-the ROOKIE Racing team of Japan’s top endurance series. This series of racing cars make it possible to continuously update the vehicle through analysis and countermeasures based on driving data and driver feedback. In addition, such updates have been personalized, allowing the driver to better control the development of the vehicle.

In order to provide customers with the types of updates and personalization that ROOKIE Racing has implemented in their cars, Toyota and KINTO have concluded that the best way is through the KINTO car subscription service. KINTO is in line with the shift in customer demand from car ownership to car use. It started in 2019. It originated from Akio Toyoda’s desire to provide “a new form of car ownership, inviting customers to enjoy and The relationship between the car they choose.” Fun and easy way”. A key feature of the KINTO service is that it can continue to provide added value even after signing a subscription contract. Therefore, Toyota and KINTO realize that the service will be the perfect perfection to provide evolution for the cars used by customers platform.

By combining racing-based updates and personalization with KINTO services, even after such cars are delivered, the latest software will be introduced into customers’ cars. Toyota and KINTO intend to meet the challenges of automotive development in a consistent way with customers.

Toyota and KINTO plan to improve customers’ cars in the following ways.

Timely update (starting from the spring of 2022)
Introduce the latest software in line with technological innovation to optimize the basic performance of vehicles such as driving, turning and parking
Vehicles are provided through GR Garage stores in various vehicle sales outlets (with some exceptions)

Announcement of detailed service content in spring of 2022
The cost is included in the monthly KINTO fee (some services require additional fees)
Personalized customization (under consideration) According to customer driving data, customize software suitable for everyone for everyone to realize the future “car that develops in sync with people”
By improving each car in a way that suits each customer, Toyota and KINTO aim to provide services that allow customers to enjoy their cars more. The two companies plan to speed up their efforts, such as expanding the KINTO service lineup of “cars that evolve with people” to provide car enjoyment to as many people as possible.

(1) KINTO operates “Mobility Market”, which is a website that provides a variety of mobile services, including KINTO ONE car subscription service, which can easily combine various car-related expenses such as car insurance and car tax. A fixed monthly fee.
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(2) ROOKIE Racing is a private team with various drivers (including master drivers, racers, rally drivers, evaluation drivers and gentleman drivers), focusing on cultivating human resources and using “skills” and “skills” to create better Car. “Spirit” from a different perspective. It has a work commission relationship with Toyota, and Toyota receives feedback from ROOKIE Racing and reflects it in vehicle development.

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