Todos Medical announced the signing of a new cPass neutralizing antibody test reference laboratory agreement with Physician Group in 40 states for CLIA/CAP Lab Provista – QNT Press Release


§ Provista has completed the verification of blood samples collected at home for the cPass neutralizing antibody test

New York City, New York and Tel Aviv, Israel, December 22, 2021 (Universal News Service)-Adopted New media line—— All Medical, Ltd. (OTCQB:TOMDF)A comprehensive medical diagnostics and related solutions company, today announced that its highly automated CLIA/CAP PCR and cPass neutralizing antibody COVID-19 testing laboratory Provista Diagnostics has signed a reference laboratory with a group of doctors headquartered in Kentucky With service agreements, the company has more than 40 states focusing on the benefits of integrating old-fashioned medicine and modern healthcare, and the goal is to provide everyone with a “concierge service” (“physician team”). The reference laboratory agreement covers the semi-quantitative cPass neutralizing antibody test, which recently expanded its emergency use authorization to add a semi-quantitative titre statement that measures the recovery period neutralizing activity and provides scores that can be monitored over time.

In addition, Provista has completed the verification of the fingertip home sample collection device used for cPass neutralizing antibody testing. The company expects to launch a direct-to-consumer self-collecting home cPass neutralizing antibody test, enabling people to monitor titer comfortably at home in the near future.

“We are very happy to win Provista’s laboratory service contract with cPass because we see the value of this test, especially considering that the Omicron variant is highly infectious and requires a higher titer of neutralizing antibodies to achieve neutralizing activity ,” said Gerald E. Commissiong, President and CEO of Todos Medical. “In view of the reduced immunity of existing vaccines, the need to take boosters in time, or the risk of Omicron infection, we expect that as we move forward, it will continue to be popular. By adding fingertips at home cPass testing, we can help patients It is very convenient to test and monitor their neutralizing antibody titers, and we think this will greatly increase the market opportunity for this important test.”

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