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Limited screen time and improved sleep are associated with the strongest link to improved cognition, and physical activity may be more important for physical health.

However, only one in 20 American children aged 8-11 meet the three recommendations recommended by the Canadian 24-hour exercise guidelines to ensure good cognitive development; 9-11 hours of sleep, less than two hours of entertainment screen time , And at least one hour of physical activity a day.

There won’t be many parents who don’t want to effectively control their children’s mobile activities. Timeout IQ, Artificial intelligence-driven applications provide an effective solution to this major problem. If your child is in kindergarten to 8th grade, Timeout IQ It is specially designed to help them achieve better grades in school and help them grow up with mental health.

Going back in time, how do you think a caveman can talk to another about their child’s non-behavior? “He didn’t correctly surround the prey in the corner to let me eat dinner”, “My little baby is busy picking apples from the tree, I think she should start picking pears now”, “My kids don’t treat hunting as hunting.” What’s going on”. That was the day when the cavemen spent most of their time hunting and worried about the safety of their families. In their wildest dreams, they never thought they would worry about their children becoming addicted to smartphones.

Fast forward to the present, each stage of life will bring a different color. Some colors may not fascinate us, some may sting our eyes, and some colors may become our favorites. However, being a parent is a beautiful-looking color of life with its own deep tones. Therefore, the picture of being a parent may be self-contradictory, which is why only people who have experienced it know it.

How was TimeoutIQ born?

One night, Shawn Desouza, who is proficient in technology and later became the founder of TimeoutIQ, overheard a neighbor talking about his son. The boy did not perform well in school. He spent his time playing games and eventually made his father spend up to $600 in bills for in-app purchases using Minecraft or Fortnite or certain games on his smartphone.

The frustrated and helpless neighbor finally questioned his parenting style. He was surrounded by self-doubt, regardless of whether he gave his son the upbringing he deserves. Then he contacted Shawn and asked if there is an app that can control him to monitor and determine what his children are addicted to when using their smartphones. Although the neighbor is not satisfied with the way things are developing, he realizes that technology is the future of the next generation.

There are not many technologies for monitoring children’s activities, so Shawn decided to develop an integrated solution for mobile education and parental control called TimeoutIQ. Shawn empowers every parent to advocate and control children’s participation in smartphones. He believed that he could not change the beginning, but he could definitely change the ending, so he did.

TimeoutIQ has grown into one of the most downloaded applications, used to monitor children’s activities, with 6 advantages:

  1. Custom education: TimeoutIQ®’s high-quality courses are designed for Kindergarten to 8th grade (3 to 11 years old)
  2. Flexible screen time limit: Parents can personalize their children’s screen time and set daily limits or extend/reduce them.
  3. detail report: Parents can monitor application usage and record time, number of questions/challenges and answers.
  4. Location tracking: Parents can turn on location tracking on your child’s device.
  5. Ah ah ah ah ah!: Is your child too smart? TimeOutIQ® will automatically raise the level of the question/challenge beyond the grade level you set.
  6. Reward time: Has your child answered all questions/challenges correctly? Go ahead and reward them for extra screen time. Flick your thumb to set the number of correct answers and bonus time.

About overtime IQ

TimeoutIQ aims to solve a problem, namely how to monitor your child’s activities. By using TimeIQ for digital education, mobile application marketing, mobile game marketing and mobile usage analysis, TimeIQ can not only track your child’s screen time. It is the only tool that allows parents to control what their children do on their smartphones or tablets.

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